Sunday 19 November 2017

Love Eternal: new Irish film on love that dare not speak its name

Pollyanna McIntosh
Pollyanna McIntosh
Wayne O'Connor

Wayne O'Connor

With a title like Love Eternal, Irish director Brendan Muldowney's latest film could easily be mistaken as a cheesy rom com.

Themes such as loneliness, suicide and necrophilia mean it is anything but a typically happily-ever-after tale, yet the film's leading actress thinks the film is ideal for courting couples visiting the cinema.

"It does not sound like a date movie but I think it is a good date movie," said Pollyanna McIntosh, who is best known for her role in Filth alongside James McEvoy.

"There is some dark humour in it and the audience will be surprised. They will find it a transformative film and they will certainly leave with a lot to talk about."

McIntosh stars as Naomi, the love interest of Ian (played by the Emmy-nominated Dutch actor Robert de Hoog), an isolated man with a death fixation who tries to make sense of the world and his existence.

While the film does deal with taboo topics, Pollyanna insists the movie focuses on far broader themes.

"The film is about loneliness and people being ostracised in the world is something that causes so many problems," she said.

Over three years in the making, the film has been well received critically on a global promotional tour, going down particularly well in Germany where it is currently being screened. Partially made in Cobh, Co Cork, the movie manages to be uplifting despite its downbeat themes, 
according to the film's producer Conor Barry.

"There is a black humour that emerges through the film as opposed to it being designed," the Corkman told the Sunday Independent.

Humour is something Pollyanna is used to coping with on a daily basis; she is currently dating Bobcat Goldthwait (real name Robert Francis), the American director who is perhaps best known for his role in the Police Academy films as the vocally-challenged cadet Zed.

Having grown up in 
Scotland, Columbia and 
Portugal, Pollyanna jokes her background was dictated by the fact her dad was a notorious drug dealer before clarifying he was actually a businessman working for a thread company who had to travel for work.

Travelling is something the 35-year-old Scot has become accustomed to. Pollyanna says her cosmopolitan upbringing has made her well suited to coping with her lifestyle.

"When you have that kind of childhood, you become very comfortable with moving around and that is very important when you are on sets around the world and have a new family all of the time, so it helps you to be quite prepared for that," she said.

"Travelling has also helped me to perfect accents for the various roles I have played. Sometimes I'm not even sure what my real accent is anymore."

Love Eternal has been seen in cinemas throughout the world for almost a year since its debut at the Galway Film Fleadh last year and is now showing at the IFI in Dublin.

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