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Look on the bright side: the sun will return next week





Sun worshippers will be disappointed this weekend with forecasters predicting a short, showery break to the good weather before a band of high pressure makes a welcome return next week.

Much of the country enjoyed fine sunny spells yesterday with temperatures getting up to around 20C. Only some parts of Munster and south Leinster were affected by drizzle and rain.

But thundery conditions are sweeping over Europe, and will bring with them more unsettled and uncertain conditions.

"Uncertainty has crept into the forecast. The general trend is for high pressure to dominate the weather for the foreseeable future," Met √Čireann's John Eagleton said.

There were reports of a "Spanish Plume" moving over the country, bringing heavy rainfall as the warm air mass meets cooler conditions.

Mr Eagleton said he wasn't characterising the weather as such, but said more showers are likely today and tomorrow.

"If I was going anywhere for the next few days I'd go to Donegal, I wouldn't be going to Wexford," he said.

"There could possibly be some nice weather over the weekend. I'm not trying to rule it out altogether, but it's not that certain.

"The east and south, Leinster and Munster, will be more prone to showers. The best part of the country will be the north west."

He added that despite the long spells of sunshine, temperatures had been "disappointing" - but that the possibility of showers next week is "close to zero".

The recent warm weather comes as good news for businesses on Dublin's north side with a new study revealing that a 1pc increase in average sunshine hours brings an additional 18,000 people onto Henry Street in a month.

The study by Savills examined how pedestrian traffic has responded to changes in sunshine, rainfall and temperature over the last 10 years.

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