Tuesday 17 July 2018

'Laziness is not a disability' - Six times drivers were caught trying to defraud the system

A convertible parked in a disabled bay without a permit. Picture@GardaTraffic
A convertible parked in a disabled bay without a permit. Picture@GardaTraffic
Gardaí stop taxis at Heuston Station. Picture: @GardaTraffic
A taxi parked in a disabled bay. Picture: @GardaTraffic
L driver parked in disabled bay. Picture: @GardaTraffic
Three copies of the same permit seized by gardaí. Picture: @GardaTraffic
Cathal McMahon

Cathal McMahon

Despite having no disability these drivers still thought they could get away with parking for free or using someone else's permit.

However, they were soon stopped in their tracks before being slapped with fines and court summonses.

When Sgt Peter Woods launched Operation Enable last February he was keen to have an online campaign to match the on-street offensive.

Here are some of the best posts from Operation Enable:

1. 'Convertible to a fine'

When this Porsche driver couldn't find a spot to park in, in Dublin City centre on a warm day they simply pulled into the nearest disabled bay.

Gardaí were quick to spot the infringement and issue a fine. They also didn't miss an opportunity to for a pun.

2. Spot the fakes!

Following a tip-off gardaí from DMR traffic travelled to a home in West Dublin where they found three copies of the same permit being used on different cars.

The first was legitimate but the other two were convincing copies. All three were seized and a court appearance will follow.

3. 'L' driver hasn't learned his lesson

Learning how to drive can be difficult and this 'L' driver learned the hard way when he parked in a disabled bay.

They were slapped with an €80 fine and a fixed charge notice was issued.

4. 'Laziness is not a disability'

We have all done it! Stepped out of the car, stuck on the hazard lights and run into the shop to buy a litre of milk.

This Dublin taxi driver took it one step too far though when he blocked a disabled spot, and half the road. He, too, was slapped with an €80 fine and a fixed charge notice.

This prompted @GardaTraffic to write: "Laziness is not a disability."

5. Someone else's disabled permit

Despite six months of a high-profile campaign some drivers just aren't learning their lesson.

Last week @GardaTraffic posted this image of a Toyota Yaris parked in a disabled spot on Stephen Street Lower. The driver was using someone else's permit. This was seized and the driver will now be brought before court.

6. Heuston... we have a problem

Operation Enable has proven a huge success across the capital and gardaí from other parts of the city and the country have now adopted it.

The Community Policing Unit in Kilmainham detected a number of offences by taxi drivers using disabled bays at Heuston station.

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