Tuesday 20 March 2018

Kind neighbour launches fundraiser to help 83-year-old woman afford central heating

Clare Cullen

Clare Cullen

A kind-hearted Meath man man has launched a fundraiser to help his 83-year-old neighbour afford a central heating system.

Keith Skelly from Ashbourne set up the Generosity.com page to raise funds for a central heating system for his elderly neighbour.

Explaining the reason for the fundraiser, he wrote that while his neighbour is "extremely independent", she "lives in a house built in the early 1970's which has little or no insulation & also no heating system".

"To heat her house she has an open fire with no radiators, which means she has to get up in a cold house, get dressed, go out to her back yard to fill and carry a bucket of coal into her living room and start a fire".

Skelly says he has been living beside the woman for two years now, and "my two young children adore her".

"To say I feel guilty having the luxury of a heating system is an understatement".

"During the week while at work my heart breaks to think of her straining to constantly keep a fire burning".

Skelly says that the fundraiser is a last resort, having "applied for all types of grants... (and) been met with a lot of empty promises".

'Generosity' is a site by popular fundraising site Indiegogo, focusing on raising money for people in need rather than projects.

You can donate to the campaign here.

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