Wednesday 25 April 2018

Kinahan hitman 'placed gun over my daughter's shoulder' and shot innocent Trevor - widow

CCTV of Trevor O'Neill's murder (Prime Time), inset Trevor O'Neill
CCTV of Trevor O'Neill's murder (Prime Time), inset Trevor O'Neill

Cillian Sherlock

The widow of an innocent man shot dead by the Kinahan gang has revealed that the hitman placed the gun over their daughter's shoulder before opening fire.

Dublin council worker Trevor O'Neill (41) was shot dead in a case of mistaken identity on exactly a year ago tomorrow.

Speaking to The Irish Sun, his partner Suzanne Power from Dublin said her children witnessed the murder of their father while on holiday in Spain.

“I don’t have to explain to my children what happened because they were there – they saw it. That awful night will stay with them forever and no child should have to endure this,” she said.

MISTAKEN IDENTITY: Gun murder victim Trevor O’Neill
MISTAKEN IDENTITY: Gun murder victim Trevor O’Neill

Suzanne (36), from Drimnagh, said the hitman placed the gun over her daughter’s shoulder before opening fire.

“Any of us could have been killed that night,” she added.

On August 17, 2016 Mr O'Neill became the second innocent victim of the Kinahan-Hutch feud as he was shot in the back by a contract killer allegedly hired by Christy Kinahan’s mob to target Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch’s nephew Jonathan.

A council worker for Dublin City Council, Trevor had met Hutch because they were staying in the same apartment complex in Costa de la Calma, Majorca.

“Trevor was just so outgoing, friendly, decent and that is what cost him his life. His biggest problem was that he talked to everyone – this is why he’s in a grave today,” Suzanne added.

Suzanne had been in a relationship with Trevor for 20 years and had three children, 12-year-old Ceadaoin, eight-year-old Layla and six-year-old Cody.

“We never imagined in a million years an ordinary family like ours would be caught up in this mayhem. Nothing can prepare you for something like this and we’ve been living a nightmare this last year,” she added.

Suzanne, who had been holidaying in the area since she was 16, told The Irish Sun it was too painful for her children to visit Trevor’s grave so she has built a memorial in their Drimnagh home.

 “People say time heals but it doesn’t – I know for me personally – nobody sees what it’s like for me at night when I’m on my own. Nobody sees me sitting there crying when I’m on my own.

“Something as simple as seeing an ambulance and things people take for granted can bring back the horror of losing Trevor. Every day I’m reminded of what happened,” she added.

She said his death has affected all of his friends and family.

“Each and every one of his friends are broken-hearted. My neighbours still can’t believe he’s not coming in because he looked after everyone in the area,” she added.

Suzanne added that she is now afraid of going into a post office in case it gets robbed and her sister Caroline is afraid of people coming into work with motorcycle helmets.

“It’s affected the whole family,” she said.

She said she gave the interview to The Irish Sun to “pay tribute to a wonderful man, partner and father” .

The same newspaper reports that former Lord Mayor Brendan Carr plans to honour Trevor at next month’s council meeting.

“This disgusting murder hurt everyone at the council. It was also an attack on the people of Dublin,” he said.

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