Thursday 16 August 2018

'Kids don't want to wear those Charlie Chaplin shoes' - Mother 'devastated' after son (15) sent home from school

The shoes that the schoolboy was wearing. Photo: RTE Liveline
The shoes that the schoolboy was wearing. Photo: RTE Liveline
The shoes that the schoolboy was wearing. Photo: RTE Liveline Newsdesk Newsdesk

A Dublin mother said she is "devastated" after her 15-year-old son was sent home from school for not wearing shoes.

Jorgie told Liveline on RTÉ Radio One that her son Calum began fifth year at a Dublin secondary school last Wednesday.

The mother, who was away on holiday in Portugal at the time, explained that she got a call the following day from her partner to say that the boy had been sent home from school because his shoes were not appropriate.

According to the concerned mother, a total of 48 students from the same year in school were also sent home.

Speaking to host Joe Duffy, Jorgie said: "I have no problem with a bit of discipline. The shoes had to be leather. We are not back in 1920s, 1940s with those Charlie Chaplin hard leather shoes, kids don't want to wear them."

Asked what was wrong with them Jorgie responded: "There was nothing wrong with them, they cost me €90. They are like a runner and but they are leather. They have no bubbles wheels or glow in the dark on them."

The mother said her son remains out of school this week and she will now be forced to go out and buy him a new pair of shoes.

"My child is not in school again," she said. "He is traumatised."

Despite her heartbreak Jorgie was not gaining much sympathy on the show.

One man Brian rang to argue that the footwear qualified as "trainers".

"He's going into fifth year, not first year. He must have known the rules that he has to wear shoes."

Brian said: "I was sent home from school one day for not wearing shoes and I'm 32. This is generational."

Jorgie argued that even if they didn't agree with the footwear they didn't need to send him home.

She said a note in his schoolbag would have been sufficient.

Jorgie later went on to say that there are people "protesting" at the school.

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