Tuesday 15 October 2019

Keeping It Country: Agriculture students sorry for 'lewd' remarks on UCD radio show

University College Dublin
University College Dublin

Conor McCrave and Rachel Farrell

Students at University College Dublin (UCD) have apologised for making offensive comments during a broadcast on college station Belfield FM.

'Keepin' It Country' features a number of Agricultural Science students who put out a weekly show with agricultural news and commentary.

The show came under fire after a number of lewd comments were allegedly made about female students.

Well-known UCD student publication 'The College Tribune' first reported details of the broadcast last month, making reference to a number of offensive comments made about female students

The podcast has since been removed, and the team behind the show issued a statement on the 'Keepin' It Country' Facebook page on December 3 in which they apologised for the comments.

"We at 'Keepin' it Country' wish to apologise for the recent comments made on the student radio show," it said.

"We are sincerely apologetic to all who have been affected by the use of inappropriate language and disrespectful comments made on the show.

"These comments are not reflective of our personal viewpoints or that of the school of Agriculture and Food Science.

"We are aware that the comments made are not acceptable in the society in which we want to live in, that promotes equality and respect for all.

"We've accepted that we were wrong, and that there is a needed change of attitude regarding respectfulness and equality for everyone."

A spokesperson for Belfield FM declined to comment and said queries should be referred to the Societies Council.

The Irish Independent understands the Societies Council has been made aware of the comments made on the show but did not reply to a request for comment last night.

The UCD Student Union said there was no one available to comment on the matter.

A university spokesman said no concerns had been raised with the Dean of Undergraduates over the broadcast.

Asked whether the Dean would now investigate the issue, the spokesperson said: "the Dean will attend to anything that is brought to his attention" but reiterated that "it has not been brought to the attention of the Dean".


In 2016, students from the same UCD School of Agriculture also came in for criticism over an alleged Facebook group involving male students rating images of female students.

At the time, a spokesperson for the university said it would investigate the allegations.

The Belfield FM broadcast comes just two months after students at DCU's Accounting and Finance Society engaged in "nude acts" at the start of their new term in October

DCU suspended the society from social activity for the remainder of the year.

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