Friday 15 December 2017

Jimmy Guerin: We must stand firm

Veronica Guerin. Photo: Brian Farrell
Veronica Guerin. Photo: Brian Farrell
Laura Larkin

Laura Larkin

The brother of slain journalist Veronica Guerin has warned that gardaí, journalists and the public must stand firm against gangland threats.

Jimmy Guerin, a General Election candidate in Dublin Bay North, called for an emergency summit and voiced fears that the war on organised crime is being lost.

"I hope INM take every single step possible to protect the safety of their staff and to ensure that nothing does happen," he said in response to the latest threats.

"The gangsters would only be too pleased to take the spotlight off themselves and put it onto another tragedy that may happen.

"I said this week that we had lost the war and this is further evidence of it. We have to regroup - Enda has to get off the bloody bus - they've all got to get off the stage and treat this as what it is, which is a real emergency."

He added: "This is the 20th anniversary of Veronica's death and if anything were ever to happen another journalist because of what they're covering, it would be a hugely sad indictment on all of us.

"They have to have a summit between the guards, the intelligence, the department and they have to stop playing politics and deal with this matter now.

"It would be terrible to have another name that is mentioned, like Veronica's, every time there is a shooting."

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