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Wednesday 13 December 2017

it's not quite the ballroom of romance, but it's always good fun

Deirdre Reynolds outside Copper Face Jacks on Harcourt Street. Photo: Ronan Lang/Feature File
Deirdre Reynolds outside Copper Face Jacks on Harcourt Street. Photo: Ronan Lang/Feature File
Deirdre Reynolds

Deirdre Reynolds

After decamping to the Big Smoke to go to college in the noughties, like all good culchies, I underwent my initiation ceremony at Copper Face Jacks.

If memory serves correctly (and it probably doesn't), I woke up the next morning with a dull ache in my head and faded stamp on my hand and mumbled those famous last words: 'Never again'.

More than a decade on, not to boast, but now there's one of the club's coveted Gold Cards wedged between the dozens of coffee shop loyalty cards in my wallet.

Let's just say it was love at fifth pint.

Earlier this week, accounts filed for the club showed how it made a staggering €5m the past year alone - and I'm not too proud to say I've contributed to that figure on more than one occasion.

While culchie guards and nurses were busy painting the town red at Coppers, ultimate Celtic Tiger hangout Lillie's Bordello was simply in the red, recently reporting a €500,000 loss.

Describing the original 'Copperfaced Jack', the Earl after whom the nightspot is named, judge Jonah Barrington claimed in his memoirs that "[his] language was coarse and principles arbitrary".

Some might say that not much has changed on Harcourt Street.

Not-so affectionately known as 'Slappers', Coppers may not exactly be the Ballroom of Romance - but it's always damn good fun.

As one web surfer poetically put it: 'I always get a grip in there'.

With cheesy floor-fillers and even cheesier chat-up lines, it's no surprise that Coppers has clocked up more than 63,000 likes on Facebook, and even has its own appreciation society on the social media site.

And you won't get Lillie's or Krystle inspiring a stage play, smartphone app or underpants. When I was last there just before Christmas, a club remix of Teresa Mannion's viral weather report on RTE News went down a storm as punters literally partied like it was 1999.

As for Copper's infamous 'Shifting Wall'?

Well, a lady never kisses and tells.

But suffice to say if you can't lob the gob in Coppers, check your pulse - you're probably dead.

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