Tuesday 12 December 2017

'It’s not a tweet that we were proud of' - OECD apologises for St Patrick’s Day tweet about alcohol abuse

Alcohol (Getty)
Alcohol (Getty)

Meadhbh McGrath

Leading think tank OECD has said they "are not proud of" an alcohol statistic tweet they posted on St Patrick's Day.

The group quickly deleted a tweet on the national holiday in which it wished followers a ‘Happy St Patrick’s Day’ alongside statistics on alcohol abuse.

The tweet read: “Happy #StPatricksDay, with #stats from the OECD on #alcohol use and abuse #justsayin”.

To accompany the post, the Paris-based think tank designed a green, white and orange chart, emblazoned with shamrocks, to illustrate the countries most at risk from harmful alcohol use.

A screenshot of the OECD tweet
A screenshot of the OECD tweet

Ireland comes in fifth place on the list, a fact highlighted in green on the chart.

Dan Morrison, head of media at the OECD, told independent.ie: “It was a tweet designed to do comparisons between different countries on alcohol use and abuse, but when we saw it, and realised the wording of it, we decided to take it down.

“It’s not a tweet that we were proud of. We got it wrong, it’s as simple as that. We intended no malice in any way, and sincerely regret if there was any offence taken.”

Although the tweet was deleted shortly afterwards, Twitter users were quick to criticise the think tank for linking St Patrick’s Day with alcohol abuse.

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