Monday 16 September 2019

'It's a terrible insult' - road faces closure days after bus stop is put up

Bus stop: The new 40E bus route on the section of road that Fingal County Council now wants to close between Tyrrellstown and Hollystown. Photo: Gerry Mooney
Bus stop: The new 40E bus route on the section of road that Fingal County Council now wants to close between Tyrrellstown and Hollystown. Photo: Gerry Mooney
Ian Begley

Ian Begley

North Dublin residents are at loggerheads with their local authority after it announced plans to close a road that includes the area's only bus services.

The introduction of Dublin Bus's 40E stop earlier this week was welcomed by people living in the Hollystown area of Dublin 15.

Local residents have been calling for a regular bus service for over 15 years.

However, its future is already in doubt following a proposal by Fingal County Council to close the R121 road altogether.


A council spokesperson told the Herald that its local area plan for 2013 outlined that the road would be created as part of a cul-de-sac next to the new development at Hollywoodrath - making it impossible for buses to use it.

However, local councillor Mary McCamley said Fingal didn't have the power to enforce the move as it hadn't yet taken charge of the site.

"The council has previously stated that they're going to incorporate the road with Hollywoodrath when it's taken in charge, but this can take well over 10 years," she told the Herald.

"I'm afraid that if the council aren't allowed to touch this road it will become a hotspot for illegal dumpers."

Cllr McCamley added that the loss of the 40E service would be an insult to the 300 households in Hollystown.

"People living here have been calling for a bus route like this for years as there's no other way to get around other than by car," she said.

"We had the 40D, but this came past Hollystown very rarely and wasn't much use to anyone as it took far too long to get to your destination.

"The new route is fantastic and if the two bus stops in this vicinity are discontinued then it'll be a terrible insult to the people who live here."

Hollystown resident Sinead Buttner told the Herald that her community had had enough of a "terrible public transport" service.

"Hollystown has had a very poor bus service since it was first developed," she said.

"The only way to get around is by car, which myself and my partner have been doing for years.

"You can't even walk to your destination as we don't even have proper footpaths.

"The Luas stop at Broombridge has been brilliant for us, but even then it's a 20-minute drive to the depot.

"When the new route was introduced on Sunday, the residents here were all delighted.


"It regularly serves Tyrrelstown, Hollystown, Cappagh Road and up to Broombridge.

"The 40D was extremely sporadic and went into many different estates on your journey. You'd nearly be quicker walking into town."

Ms Buttner added that she was very disappointed by Fingal's proposal.

"The closure of this road makes no sense at all," she said. "It's the quickest route to many of the schools in the area, and local shops and amenities.

"I hope the council will take on board the concerns and leave the road as it is."

A spokesperson for Fingal council said it was carrying out a public consultation process.

The plans are on public display until December 28 at Blanchardstown Civic Offices and submissions can be made until January 11.

The issue will then come back before local councillors for consideration.

Dublin 15 TD Jack Chambers told the Herald he was appealing to all Hollystown residents to make their concerns known.

"What's important now is that a full public consultation process is engaged with and that residents are given sufficient notification," he said.

"I urge all concerned residents to make their submissions before the deadline on January 11.

"It is only through public engagement that they can make a difference," he added.


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