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'It's a monkey on my back' - Love Hate actor speaks in cell after arrest for begging


Thomas Kiernan Dunne (Tommy Kd ). Photo: David Conachy

Thomas Kiernan Dunne (Tommy Kd ). Photo: David Conachy

David Conachy

Thomas Kiernan Dunne (Tommy Kd ). Photo: David Conachy

An actor who starred in Love Hate has told how he has been forced to beg to feed his heroin addiction.

Tommy Kiernan Dunne, who is known as 'Tommy KD', spoke to RTÉ Radio One just moments after he was arrested for begging in Dublin City Centre at the weekend.

Speaking to reporter Brian O'Connell from a cell in Pearse Street garda station, Kiernan said he was trying to raise money to "to feed me heroin addiction".

"I have a talent for rapping and acting. I was in Love Hate, I did an ad for the Simon Community."

Kiernan said he would need about "three or four bags" a day to feed his addiction.

"About €60 to €70 a day," he explained. "If I put half the effort as I do into getting the money."

Asked what will happen next, he told the reporter: "I will be charged, I don't know how long I will be in here. It could be an hour, maybe two. I'll be charged and I'll have to go to court where I will get a fine. It is usually €50 to €100. How am I supposed to pay a fine?

"I will be brought to Mountjoy and get out after breakfast. It is the same old bleedin' story. It's a monkey on my back."

Kiernan, from Ballymun, Dublin was among six recovering Dublin heroin addicts who starred in Love Hate.

The high-octane scene saw a group of gaunt and drug-wizened recovering male drug addicts at a house adorned with a 'Jesus Saves' sign in the window, frantically dancing 'heavy-metal style' together to real-life Canadian Christian rockers Thousand Foot Krutch. While, dancing the group manically spouted evangelical oaths in each other's faces before casually walking away after the session to go 'tapping' - or begging.

You can listen to Brian O'Connell's report here

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