Sunday 22 April 2018

'It was a hot, sweaty nightmare' - Coldplay fans forced to stand on bus travelling 200km after concert

Coldplay’s Chris Martin. Picture: AP
Coldplay’s Chris Martin. Picture: AP

Claire Fox

People who had pre-booked bus tickets were forced to stand during a journey from Dublin to Waterford following Coldplay's Croke Park concert last Saturday.

Teenager, Emily told RTE Liveline presenter Damien O' Reilly of the "hot and sweaty" conditions she endured while standing on a JJ Kavanagh bus following the concert. 

Even though she had a pre-booked ticket, she was forced to stand on the bus from Dublin until her destination of Carlow, as there were not enough seats for the amount of people in the bus.

"If you're claustrophobic it would've been your nightmare. People were sitting on the floor near the toilets and beside the bus driver," said the 17-year-old.

Emily also added that she would've waited for another bus but there weren't any others.

"I wouldn't have minded waiting 20 minutes for another bus to come along. If anything happened all of standing would've had to chance", said Emily.

Megan, who suffers from the motor condition, dyspraxia and who travelled on the same bus, was also unable to find a seat.

"For me because I've dyspraxia it was a priority that I found a seat. I asked a man who was sitting with a bag beside him could I sit beside him and he refused," she said.

Paul Kavanagh of JJ Kavanagh's spoke to Liveline and said that it "shouldn't have happened" and that "the bus driver panicked". 

"I'm not trying to dump all the blame on the bus driver but he didn't follow the protocol. He could've rang us and it would've taken 20 minutes to sort out," explained Mr Kavanagh.

Mr Kavanagh cited the new ticket system service they had as being the root cause of the incident and assured that it wouldn't happen again.

"All we have to do is learn from it and we will learn from it. It won't happen again. I do apologise," he said.

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