Wednesday 21 February 2018

'It is gone beyond a joke' - Parents fear 'tragedy' as children forced to cross busy road

Children at Glenahulla NS crossing the busy N73 in Mitchelstown.
Children at Glenahulla NS crossing the busy N73 in Mitchelstown. Newsdesk Newsdesk

Parents whose children attend a Cork national school say they fear someone will be killed as a result of an ongoing parking crisis at the premises.

Video, sent to shows a large group of pupils from Glenahulla NS crossing the busy N73 in Mitchelstown, Co Cork to board a bus.

Parents say they are at their "wits end" and they are now calling on the Department of Education to provide parking for them.

In a letter, penned by 'Glenahulla Parents, the group explains that the speed limit is currently 50km/h on the road but that is set to change to a a variable 40km/60km speed limit for traffic passing school.

"We are concerned because as it stands traffic do not obey the 50km speed limit and road signage is minimal and often non operational." Parents say that parking at the school is limited and cars often have to reverse onto the busy road. They say that they are in desperate need of a car park but explain that this is out of reach for the 90-pupil school.

Recently a landowner, alongside Glenahulla, has advertised property for rent but it comes with a price tag of €110,000.

"This out of our reach. We are a small country school so feel we are not in a position to secure such a large loan. We have talked about major fundraising drives to try come up with this money. The situation seems impossible."

In the video, filmed on Tuesday, children can be seen shepherded across the busy road to a waiting bus while parents and staff stopped traffic along the road.

"It was utter madness. We didn't have a high visibility vest between us. We filmed it as we couldn't believe the danger we were all in.

"It is gone beyond a joke. Something needs to be done sooner rather than later."

The group say they have contacted the Department of Education and Minister for Education Richard Bruton regarding the issue.

"We need help. Someone in authority has to take responsibility for this and stop passing the buck. Will it take another tragedy on this stretch of road before someone helps us?"

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