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'Islam teaches to hate sin, not the sinner' - @Ireland twitter account tweets photo of Leo Varadkar to strong reaction


The Ireland Twitter account is this week being run by Shaykh Umar, founder of Irish Muslim Peace and Integration Council.

The Twitter account is mostly being received well, with one tweet stirring up somewhat volatile reaction.

The account tweeted a photograph of openly gay Minister Leo Varadkar being handed flowers with the caption "To all those who think we Muslims hate and want to kill homosexuals. Islam teaches to hate sin, not the sinner!"

Following the tweet, many responses were outraged.

"that's unbelievably offensive. How dare you! Retract immediately".

Dr. Umar Al-Qadri acknowledged the negative reaction to the tweet, writing "Treat all humans with #Equality. Why is offending Muslims acceptable but offending homosexuals not ? Offending ANY human is wrong".

"We will not agree on everything but let us agree on respect and tolerance for everyone".

Last night, Dr. Umar Al-Qadri tweeted "before I go offline, thank you everyone and apologies if I have hurted (sic) anyone unintentionally".

Dr. Umar Al-Qadri today promises to "deal with more misconceptions about Islam" starting with "the position of women, apostasy and jihad".

One follower of the account tweeted "I'm not sure how I feel about the @ireland account discussing any type of religious agenda, regardless of faith concerned".

You can follow the Ireland twitter account here. The account rotates each week with a new voice introduced every Monday morning.

It is currently on week 185 and was started in March 2012 by Darragh Doyle together with World Irish (now part of Irish Central).

Explaining the premise on their site, Irish Central wrote that "Ireland  is based around the idea that a single voice cannot represent a country".

Anyone can apply to curate the account by emailing Ireland@IrishCentral.com.

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