Thursday 21 November 2019

Is this Ireland's most expensive pint? - Pint of Heineken for €8

Oliver St John Gogarty's pub
Oliver St John Gogarty's pub

Cillian Sherlock

A pint of lager in this ordinary boozer will cost you more than at Ireland's most exclusive resorts.

At €8, a pint of Heineken in Oliver St John Gogarty in Temple Bar is more expensive than in the K Club, Trump International and the Merrion Hotel.

It’s being reported as the priciest pint in the city but it doesn’t stop there as a pint of Guinness could set you back up to €6.80.

Oliver St John Gogarty (or Gogarty’s) has now set a €7.75 price tag for a pint of Heineken, rising to €8 if you’re ordering one after 11pm.

Complaints about the rising cost of pints in the Temple Bar area have been well documented over the past number of years.

Even in November 2013, eyebrows were raised when the same pint in the same bar would have set you back €6.60 before 11pm, and €7.15 thereafter.

That means the base price has risen €1.15 in under four years.

Thousands of tourists flock to Gogarty’s, located on Anglesea St, Temple Bar, Dublin offer for drink and live music throughout the day.

“We start live music at 12.30pm in the day and we go to 2.30am at night,” owner Martin Keane told the Irish Sun.

"We pay top dollar for entertainment, I pay a million euro a year, that’s almost twenty grand a week. That takes a lot of drink to sell,” he said.

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Martin Keane is one of the directors of Drayton House Holdings which owns the pub and Blooms Hotel.

Pre-tax profits at the group soared by 57pc to €4.9m last year, while pay to directors increased from €217,500 to €233,650.

In 2015 reported that the groups profit’s were hit after the directors paid themselves €900,000 in pension contributions in 2014.

The other two directors are Martin’s wife Vera Keane and daughter Martina Keane.

Is this Ireland's most expensive pint? Let us know the heftiest (or cheapest) price you've seen on a pint.

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