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Irish woman jailed for carrying boyfriend's gun: 'Love/Hate is accurate depiction of real life gangland scene'


Deirdre Moran. Photo: Collins Courts

Deirdre Moran. Photo: Collins Courts

Deirdre Moran. Photo: Collins Courts

A young Sligo woman who was sentenced to five years in prison for transporting a gun has said RTE drama Love/Hate is an accurate reflection of real life gangsters

"They've done their homework; the way that Nidge's life crumbled around him - that eventually happens to them all," Deirdre Moran said in a radio interview earlier today.

Mother-of-one Moran (29) served three years in Mountjoy Prison's female wing Dóchas for collecting a gun for her then lover and father of her child Luke, crime boss Patrick Irwin.

Speaking on The John Murray Show, Moran said she "felt in a very compromised position" at the time of her arrest in 2008.

Gardai had "been given information" and she was apprehended on the N4, en route to Sligo from Dublin with a plan to meet her then boyfriend Irwin and give him the gun.

Moran said that she didn't know what the weapon was going to be used for. "I didn't ask any questions, someone literally just put it into my car. I had an idea it was a gun but I wasn't actually told," she said.

"My heart sank; I just knew I was in it up to my eyes then. I was just thinking about my son and my family - and letting them all down."

It would be three years before Moran would receive the mandatory sentence of five years for gun-running, and it was this period that was "the worst".

"Between the conviction and the sentencing was worse than being in prison, the waiting game, because you don't know what you might be facing. The fear of the unknown"

Patrick Irwin is currently serving seven years in prison for cocaine possession and another consecutive three years for an assault on a garda sergeant.

Both from the same "small Sligo town", Moran recalls being drawn to the "excitement" of "hanging around" with the man who would become a major crime figure in the north-west.

"I got to know Patrick around 2002 - it was always very casual with him - it was never really a big official thing. I got pregnant and I had my son in 2003. It broke off then but then we were in an out of each other's lives for many years after that."

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"I obviously don't regret my son as he came out of that relationship but I do regret going back around him in 2008 because that's when it all went pear-shaped."

In the frank radio interview, Moran admitted she knew what criminal activity Irwin and his gang were up to, and that her family also knew and "never liked him".

"I wasn't around it 24/7, I had my own life. It doesn't make it right but it makes it easier to justify it," she said.

During her time inside, Moran learned to sew and design clothing and completed several business courses over the three years.

She has opened a dress making business on her release, with a number of her creations available on Facebook, on a page called 'Dee Moran Dressmaking and Styling'.

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