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Irish Water investigate possible data protection breach


Bonuses are inevitable

Bonuses are inevitable

Bonuses are inevitable

A possible breach of data protection is being investigated at Irish Water after it was claimed the company used incorrect names on letters sent to over 6,000 customers.

The suspected data breach involves personal information being sent to the wrong recipients, all of whom are the owners of more than one property.

It is understood the breach may have compromised around 6,329 customers.

The semi-state company charged with implementing water charges is currently in the process of sending out information packs to Irish households relating to allowances and water charges that come into effect in January 2015 where customers will be charged for water used in the final quarter of this year.

Information being collected by the semi-state company includes the PPS numbers of customers, how many people are in the household and whether the property is rented or owner occupied.

Irish Water has yet to respond to the controversy that was revealed by TV3 News.

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