Monday 20 November 2017

Irish nurse the first 'international creator' featured on Vine video app

Clare Cullen

Clare Cullen

An Irish nurse is the first ever 'International creator' to be featured on Twitter's video-sharing app Vine.

The app features a gifted 'creator' in their 'Spotlight' section, and Senan is the first creator not from the USA to be featured in the high-profile spot.

It means that Byrne's content will be shown to up to 40 million registered users around the world.

Senan, who goes by the username 'Senbobaggins' on the six-second video app, boasts over 55 million loops on the platform.

He is known for his funny shorts and clever wordplay.

He is one half of the comedy Vine duo 'Fuppin' Eejits', who create Irish-themed comedy shorts for Vine and Facebook video.

Eddie Whelan is the other half, who himself racked up over 29 million loops for a Vine involving Senan and ducks.

A representative for Vine told

"Every Saturday Vine launch a Creator Spotlight channel, featuring the best content from one of the top Vine creators.

This week, Vine are going to be featuring their first International account, an Irish Viner named Senan Byrne. Senan has been Creating Vines since 2014 and has over 37,500  followers already.

By day Senan might be creating some of the funniest most Irish content we have seen on Vine but by trade he is a nurse working night shifts. Most of the Vine’s created by Senan come from his own personal experiences with many of them being uniquely Irish".

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