Monday 23 October 2017

Irish cyber expert inspiration for latest hit 'CSI' drama series

Mary Aiken
Mary Aiken

Claire McCormack

Mary Aiken can add popular author to her long list of credentials - including cyberpsychologist, academic adviser and professor - after signing a deal to write her first mainstream book.

The book will offer a groundbreaking exploration of the impact of technology on human behaviour. The UK, Korean, German, Chinese and Arabic rights have already been sold and it will be released in about six months.

Speaking about the upcoming release, Ms Aiken, who has previously written many academic works, said: "I am delighted that there is such international interest, it is an incredible opportunity to start a global conversation about the impact of technology on our lives, and particularly on those such as young children, who are very vulnerable in this space."

Ms Aiken's research is also the inspiration behind CSI: Cyber - the latest spin-off of the hugely popular American crime drama franchise.

The series will air on Irish screens later this summer.

This week, Ms Aiken was in the Hague and Amsterdam - along with a number of international academic experts. She has been appointed by Europol to a new think tank that will focus on key cyber societal issues and forward -looking cyber research.

At home in Dublin, Ms Aiken's main title is the Director of the CyberPsychology Research Centre at the Royal College of Surgeons.

However, internationally her expertise has been sought by a host of agencies and universities, including the White House, Interpol, the FBI, Hawaii Pacific University and many more.

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