Sunday 22 September 2019

'Irish cities are becoming more racist' - Mum whose sons were attacked on way home from school

A picture shows the injuries one of
A picture shows the injuries one of "Diana's" sons sustained Photo: 98FM

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A SHOCKED mother has warned Irish cities are becoming increasingly racist places after her two children were attacked by a six-strong gang as they walked home from school.

The two boys, aged 14 and 15 years, were set upon by the gang just off the Old Youghal Road in Cork yesterday evening.

The mother, who only wants to be identified as 'Diane', insisted that the attack was racially motivated.

It only ended when a number of adult pedestrians intervened and the attackers fled on foot.

Locals comforted the two shocked youngsters who had apparently been targeted simply because of the colour of their skin.

The 14-year-old was first viciously mocked because his hair was styled in an 'afro'.

When the 15-year-old asked for his brother to be left alone, both boys were taunted and insulted.

Both teens walked away from the scene to defuse the situation but were then set upon from behind by the six older youths.

The youngsters suffered minor cuts and bruises to their scalps and lips before concerned adults were able to intervene and the gang ran away.

However, they were deeply shocked by their ordeal and gardai are investigating the incident.

The attackers were all aged in their teens.

Diane told Cork's 96FM the incident was deeply worrying.

"Absolutely - 100pc (Irish cities are becoming racist). It is manageable and I have to try to help my younger son to brush it off and not to let other people intimidate him because of his appearance," Diane said.

"You don't want to believe that you should bring up your child to be able to fight."

Diane said what was very concerning was the fact so much emphasis has already been placed on Ireland being a multicultural and cosmopolitan place.

"I just do not accept that it is about education and ignorance any more," she warned.

Locals admitted they were appalled that such an incident could happen in such a quiet area of Cork.

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