Sunday 25 February 2018

'I'm gonna kill her, I'm gonna slice her throat' - Online threats to Michaella McCollum reported to police

Michaella McCollum. Picture: Instagram
Michaella McCollum. Picture: Instagram

Zainab Boladale

Police have been contacted after convicted cocaine mule Michaella McCollum was sent death threats by a person claiming to be a member of an international drugs cartel.

The messages intended for the Northern Irish woman (24) were sent through an anonymous Instagram account to McCollum’s prison friend, Kaouthar Essafi.

Michaella McCollum
Michaella McCollum

McCollum was jailed for three years after she and Scottish woman Melissa Reid were caught attempting to smuggle drugs worth more than than €1.7m from Lima’s Jorge Chavez International Airport in 2013.

According to the Sunday World the threats included demands for the cost of the 11kg of cocaine to be returned.

"I just want my money that’s all, 11 kg of pure we are talking about here," the anonymous user wrote in one message.

"I’m gonna kill her, I ain't fake and that's on my mother's life am gonna slice her throat,” it read in another message.

The person behind the messages wrote that they believe "she is trying to make a media career" through her notorious drugs bust.

The messages were sent after McCollum was pictured on a Spanish beach earlier this year.

Dutch drug trafficker and prison pal, Essafi told the Sunday World that the police were made aware of the situation claimed they were "no help at all".

Essafi served time with the former model and lived with her in Lima following her release. Essafi claimed the police "said it’s nothing serious".

The police in Peru were never able to identify those behind the large cocaine stash seized from McCollum at the airport.

Melissa Reid was working and living in Ibiza with McCollum in 2013. Both women, now nicknamed ‘Peru Two’ carried cocaine worth €1.75 million between them. They had previously told the police that they had been kidnapped and forced to smuggle the drug.

Peruvian Drug Unit, chief Colonel Tito Perez revealed that Reid seemed to have more contact with the organisation as she was recruited first but that McCollum agreed to take part in the deal after being approached by a drug dealer in a San Antonio bar.

The now deactivated Instagram account the messages were sent through was following McCollum’s personal Instagram account and included a picture of a British soldier.

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