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'If you are not happy with your food, DON'T F**KING EAT IT' - Angry hotelier turns tables on disgruntled customer


The controversial Charleville Lodge Hotel has opened up a new café as part of their existing offering, called The White Moose Café.

The new café is attracting attention online in much the same fashion as its parent hotel after posting CCTV on their Facebook page in response to a complaint.

Taking to their Facebook Page, Charleville Lodge Hotel's owner Paul Stenson wrote that customers "horsing food into them and clearing our plates clean" would be caught on CCTV and used to protect the "untarnished reputation of our café".

"Dear Guests,

Before you leave a negative review of the food in our White Moose Café on Facebook, may I remind you that we have CCTV cameras in our café that both capture and record footage of people horsing food into them and clearing our plates clean.

If you are not happy with your food, tell us AT THE TIME and whatever you do, DON'T F**KING EAT IT. We will happily give you another dish which may better suit your discerning palate. In that way, you won't have to go and write a negative review AFTER THE FACT, which could damage the thus far untarnished reputation of our café. Your issues would have been resolved there and then, no negative review would be necessary, and we would all live happily ever after".

One user wrote on Twitter: "If I don't like your new café will I get bullied on Facebook too?"

The hotel claims that since the CCTV was posted, the original review was removed. "She claims she was "bullied into doing it", I claim the review should have never been written".

In a separate post, he wrote: "I don't spend the entirety of my life sitting on the toilet or driving (which is where most of my Facebook activity takes place). I actually do things that don't involve my phone from time to time. In future please have some consideration for this before you slate our customer service".

Dublin's Charleville Lodge Hotel is famous around the country as a result of a number of controversial posts on their social media pages over the last few years.

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The hotel hit headlines for telling Ed Sheeran fans to 'stay in a homeless shelter' if they didn't like the price, and for offering a discount to people who brought proof of not paying their Irish Water bill.

The new café is located under the hotel on the North Circular Road. The hotel wrote on Facebook that they made the new entrance "gobshite proof" by putting up "two big arrows to show you the way", adding "even with these safeguards in place, I can guarantee you that there will still be mindless idiots entering via the main hotel entrance".

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