Tuesday 22 January 2019

'If he wasn't there... they probably wouldn't be with us' - Local hero praised for saving two young boys from drowning

Two young boys were pulled from the water in Passage West over the weekend by a passer-by. Pic: Google Maps
Two young boys were pulled from the water in Passage West over the weekend by a passer-by. Pic: Google Maps
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A Cork man has been praised a hero after preventing a possible tragedy from taking place at the weekend.

Martin Cullinane from Dublin Pike in Cork rescued two young boys - aged six and seven - from the water in Passage West on Saturday evening.

Mr Cullinane had been in his girlfriend's apartment on when he heard some commotion coming from the quays below.

He looked out from the balcony and saw two young boys in the water. He couldn't see anyone else around.

Mr Cullinane told the Neil Prenderville Show on Cork's REDFM that he immediately ran downstairs when it became clear that the boys were in trouble and dived into the water.

"Something else takes over," he said as he explained that he didn't consider his own safety before attempting to rescue the young boys.

He brought the first young boy in to shore and a passer-by came down to the quay and helped Mr Cullinane pull him out of the water.

Mr Cullinane then swam out to the second boy who he said appeared "lifeless with foam coming out of his mouth".

The passer-by reached his hand out and grabbed the second boy and then pulled Mr Cullinane out of the water.

"I had no idea [how cold the water was]. By the time I got to the water, I was so pumped with adrenaline that I didn't think much of anything," he said.

"It's kind of setting in now but that night was just very strange. I went back upstairs, had a shower and opened a beer. The following day things started to sink in."

The passer-by, whose name is Brian, also spoke to Red FM and praised Mr Cullinane for his quick-thinking actions.

"I'm extremely proud of him because if he wasn't in that water to help [them] they probably wouldn't be with us today."

Brian said that when he pulled the second boy from the water, he put him in the recovery position and administered chest compressions to expel water from the boy's lungs until the ambulance came.

"He was only a tiny little thing," he said.

The boys were transported to Cork University Hospital where they appear to have made a quick recovery. Mr Cullinane explained he had checked up on their wellbeing.

"I was on to CUH yesterday morning but they couldn't give me too much information because I'm not a relative but they said the two guys were having tea and toast. They're okay."

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