Sunday 18 February 2018

'I was living in total fear and could not sleep at night'

Sharon Brennan
Sharon Brennan
Wayne O'Connor

Wayne O'Connor

A mother says she is living in fear and unable to sleep at night after a spate of burglaries near her home in Dunboyne, Co Meath.

Sharon Brennan has invested more than €13,000 in securing her house to keep her family safe.

With three children under the age of 10, Ms Brennan felt she had to do something after seeing a break-in at a neighbour's house last August. "We have no active police station here," she said.

"Our nearest full-time station is Ashbourne, which is a hell of a trip if you are to drive it," said Ms Brennan.

"I remember spotting people out in our front garden one night and more people stealing a car a few doors up." The Brennans have invested in new burglar proof windows and doors.

Costing more than €10,000, she admits it was not a cheap purchase but added that it was worthwhile so that she could rest easy every night. She also invested €2,500 in gates and another €1,000 in a lighting and CCTV system. "I only had four locks on my door but now I have 16. The glass in it is burglar proof," said Ms Brennan.

"We don't have new cars or anything expensive like that - but my big fear is that they would get into the house because of the number of people I know of who had been burgled in the area at night while they were in the house."

"I think I can sleep a little easier now," she said.

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