Thursday 22 February 2018

'I want to know where their hate comes from' - Mum-of-two forced to flee after thugs cover home in racist graffiti

Home of 'Jane' in Clondalkin, West Dublin
Pic: Justin Farrelly
Home of 'Jane' in Clondalkin, West Dublin Pic: Justin Farrelly

David Kearns

A woman driven from her home by sickening racist graffiti says she wants to meet those behind it to understand “where their hatred comes from”.

Mother-of-two Rebecca said she was shocked to see “blacks out” painted across the windows of her home in Clondalkin, West Dublin, last Sunday night.

She said two men spray-painted the abuse on the front wall of her house as well across her downstairs windows and the front door.

Having fled the house in fear, the concerned mum, whose children are Irish citizens, told The Pat Kenny Show today they she wanted to speak to those behind the racist attack and ask them why they had targeted her family.

“I don’t know who they are but I want to find out because I might be able to explain things to them and get them to stop,” she said.

“I want to know why they’re racist, I want to know where the hatred comes from.

“I want to know why - that is what I want to know. I have not done anything against anybody.”

The attack follows two separate incidents in recent weeks when all four wheels on the family car were punctured.

Rebecca, who does not want her surname known, said she was forced last Thursday to take a four-hour bus journey to Donegal to bring her son (12) and daughter (8) to stay with friends, while she, herself, now lives in an attic in Dublin.

Despite support and encouragement from her neighbours, the mum-of-two said she no longer felt safe living in Clondalkin.

“My neighbours are so upset about the attack. I'm not Irish but we are all friends. They’d don’t want me to go; they’re trying to keep me from leaving. But I’ve got to go to protect my children. I can’t let them live somewhere where this happens,” she told Newstalk.

“I can never live in the house again. We lived there for six years but I can’t let my children live there anymore.

"I had to send my children to stay with a friend in Donegal.

“It’s been terrible because they do not feel part of Irish society anymore,” she added.

"I don’t want to speak to them because they keep asking me when we’re going to go back home.”

Local People Before Profit councillor Gino Kenny also spoke with Pat Kenny this morning.

“It’s horrible. This act must be utterly condemned,” he said.

"Racist intimidation isn’t common around Clondalkin and it’s not going to be tolerated.

“This racist attack is an attack on the whole estate, the whole of Clondalkin and the whole country.

"People are repulsed, absolutely sickened by what happened. Some of the kids came over and cleaned off the graffiti, ten-year-olds came over and started cleaning.

“I hope the family don’t leave because then the scumbags have won,” he added.

Both the Gardaí in Clondalkin and South Dublin County Council said they are investigating Rebecca’s case.

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