Wednesday 21 March 2018

'I need to know what happened to Fiona, I don't know with my heart if I'll last' - Heartbroken mum's appeal

Josephine Pender with a photo of missing daughter Fiona
Josephine Pender with a photo of missing daughter Fiona

Kathy Armstrong

Missing woman Fiona Pender's heartbroken mother has said she wants to bury her daughter and "give her her dignity back" before she dies.

Josephine Pender issued an appeal for information about what happened to Fiona, who went missing 21 years ago, and admits she doesn't think her daughter is alive.

Fiona (25) hasn't been seen since she left her apartment in Tullamore, Co Offaly in August 1996, she was seven months pregnant.

Speaking on Morning Ireland on RTE Radio One, she said: "I don't think Fiona is alive or her little baby.

"I wish I could say she was but I don't believe she could be alive and not get in contact with me, we were very close and she wouldn't leave me worrying.

"Someone definitely knows something, I need to know as soon as I can where Fiona is because I don't know with my heart whether I am going to last.

Fiona Pender, pictured shortly before her disapperance.
Fiona Pender, pictured shortly before her disapperance.

"If anyone knows anything that might shed light on what happened then I would go so far as to beg them to come forward and tell us what they know.

"Hopefully it would lead to just finding her and I'm not into punishment and I don't care about anything like that at this stage, it doesn't matter."

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Ms Pender said that she is keen to finally give her daughter a proper burial.

Trevor Deely
Trevor Deely

She said: "I just want to give Fiona back her dignity, her dignity that was taken away from her, and I want to give that back with a proper funeral and a burial and to lay her to rest with her daddy and her brother.

"I don't think that's too much to ask."

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She also said that she hopes that the family of missing man Trevor Deely finally get some answers about what happened to him after he vanished following a night out in Dublin in 2000.

She said: "I've been praying for Trevor Deely in Dublin and his parents every night and I hope that they find him and clear it up so they have a little bit of peace .

"They won't get over it, none of us will, but if they can get a little bit of peace, they deserve that."

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