Tuesday 17 September 2019

'I hope you are executed' - Muslim university lecturer wants action taken after receiving chilling voice message

Amanullah De Sondy/ Twitter
Amanullah De Sondy/ Twitter

Ralph Riegel

Officials at an Irish university have expressed disgust at a sinister telephone message left for a respected Muslim lecturer.

University College Cork (UCC) lecturer Amanullah De Sondy confirmed he received a chilling voice message which called for his execution.

Mr De Sondy revealed the message, which was also personally abusive, warned him to stop lecturing Irish people on how to live.

"I received a horrible voice message on my university office phone today calling me a 'scumbag, a terrorist' who 'must stop lecturing the
Irish on how they should live their life' and the most chilling 'I hope you are executed.'

"This will be reported to Gardaí," he posted on Twitter.

Mr De Sondy stressed that he would not be intimidated by such appalling behaviour.

Leading UCC and Cork civic officials later took to social media to voice their support for Mr De Sondy - and to express their outrage at the message left for him.

“UCC has a duty of care to its staff and will be examining this matter with the staff member,” the college said.

Amongst those who voiced their public support for the lecturer were theologian Dr Daniel Nuzum and academics Dr Arpita Chakraborty and Prof John O'Halloran, UCC's Deputy President.

The lecturer in contemporary Islam - who was the target of a similarly offensive message two years ago - confirmed he will now be referring the matter to the Gardaí.

Mr De Sondy, in a statement to Cork's 96FM, said it was vital that people stand up to such unacceptable behaviour.

He has been a lecturer at UCC since 2015 on contemporary Islam.

College officials have described him as a hugely popular academic who is considered by his colleague to be "a leading light" on the Cork campus.

The Bishop of Cork, Cloyne & Ross, Dr Paul Colton, said he was personally horrified and disgusted by the threat.

He stressed that Mr De Sondy has been a tremendous force for good and understanding within the community.

Dr Colton said it was vital that people now demonstrate their support for Mr De Sondy and all others who are so shockingly targeted.

Mr De Sondy said there has been outstanding support for him locally.

He said UCC is the only Irish university ahead of the curve with a contemporary Islam position.

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