Monday 27 January 2020

'I don’t care what year you say you are going to' - Epic fail for Back to the Future car owner

Garda Twitter account strikes again

Credit: An Garda Siochana
Credit: An Garda Siochana

Louise Kelly

The owner of this 'Back to the Future' car must have been wishing his Delorean was the real deal when he was pulled over by Gardai.

Because - let's be honest - who wouldn't want to time travel out of an awkward situation like that

The Back To The Future films have ensured the cars retain a cult following after the hero Marty McFly used one to travel back in time.

And more and more have popped up across the country since Back to the Future Day last October - coupled with the dsicovery of parts for the iconic car in a Belfast factory.

Never one to pass up a humourous moment on social media, the man behind the Garda Twitter account struck again.

"Great Scott! ….I don’t care what year you say you are going to, you can’t do 88mph here Doc!"

It has yet to be confirmed whether the motorist was going 88mph - or what year he was intending to travel to.

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