Thursday 18 October 2018

Hutch-linked hitman arrested with loaded guns is found dead in prison cell

Glen 'Glynn' O'Toole was found dead in his cell in Cloverhill Prison
Glen 'Glynn' O'Toole was found dead in his cell in Cloverhill Prison
Glen O'Toole
Cloverhill Prison in west Dublin
Conor Feehan

Conor Feehan

A suspected gangland hitman, who was arrested last week while believed to be on his way to murder an associate of the Kinahan cartel, has killed himself in his prison cell.

Glen 'Glynn' O'Toole (39), of Cappagh Avenue, Finglas, had been in Cloverhill only since Saturday after being charged with possession of a loaded gun and ammunition in the Ashtown area of Dublin last Wednesday.

The close associate of a female member of the Hutch family had placed objects in his bed and covered them with a blanket to make it look like he was asleep when prison officers were carrying out inspections, sources said.

He was found dead under the sink in his cell early yesterday, having arrived at the prison at the weekend after being charged with possessing a loaded Glock handgun and 12 rounds of ammunition in Pelletstown Avenue.

Glen O'Toole
Glen O'Toole

He was due to appear in court again yesterday.

When he was arrested at about 5pm last Wednesday gardai found a loaded gun, silencer and mask in the car he was driving. A woman in her 30s was also arrested but later released without charge.

Gardai believe that O'Toole was on his way to murder a Finglas drug dealer linked to the Kinahan cartel. The 25-year-old target has become the new kingpin for the Kinahan group in a major north Dublin patch.

The lucrative area was previously controlled by a psychotic criminal in his 30s, who is suspected of involvement in at least two feud murders but has since fled Ireland for the UK.

The targeted thug was refused entry to the US after attempting to travel with a large group of associates to Las Vegas in August for the Conor McGregor-Floyd Mayweather fight.

The target has a core network of at least 20 loyal associates, all of whom are regularly stopped and searched by gardai.

While O'Toole and his intended target have links to the Hutch and Kinahan factions, it is likely that a feud between criminals in the Finglas area resulted in the foiled hit rather than it being a consequence of the Kinahan/Hutch vendetta.

"The intended victim has been stepping on a lot of toes over the last few months," a source said. "He is under threat from a number of crime groupings because of his reckless and threatening behaviour.

"It is no surprise someone would have a proper go at him. It's just, in this case, the man caught red-handed had close links to the Hutch mob."

O'Toole was also the chief suspect in the shooting of Finglas criminal Kevin Ledwidge (27), who was gunned down outside his family home in 2007.

However, gardai were unable to gather enough evidence to secure a conviction in the case

Ledwidge died from a single shotgun blast after answering the front door of his home in Ratoath Drive on July 15, 2007. His house had been targeted in the weeks running up to his murder. Since the killing, O'Toole had spent most of his time in a Border county, but recently returned to the capital.

"He was considered a hardman back in the day but now would be viewed as a low-level junkie," a source said.


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