Wednesday 25 April 2018

Hotel killer Eric Locke is 'rooming' with a vile paedophile teacher who raped pupil (7)

Eric Locke
Eric Locke
Sonia Blount
Conor Feehan

Conor Feehan

Convicted murderer Eric Locke, who strangled his ex-girlfriend Sonia Blount in a Dublin hotel room, is 'rooming' with a vile paedophile teacher who raped a schoolgirl aged seven.

The killer spends his days working on the prison's monthly magazine for inmates.

Dubliner Locke not only shares a cell with sex beast drama teacher Kevin Carroll, they also hang out together at mealtimes, chatting and joking, with one source saying "they definitely spend a lot of time in each other's company".

Dubliner Locke, who was jailed in May for the brutal murder of the mother-of-one in the Plaza Hotel in Tallaght in February 2014, is now often seen with Carroll, who is serving 10 years for the rape of the child.

Sources say Locke was initially reluctant to mix with other inmates in the Midlands Prison when he was sent there to serve his sentence, but he now "acts like a celebrity" and has formed a bond with Carroll.

"They've become close now. Locke is a real diva and goes around acting like a celebrity," said the source.

Sonia Blount
Sonia Blount

"He sees himself as better than the other inmates, but he's just as low as the worst offenders in there."

Locke (35), from St John's Park East, Clondalkin, lured Sonia (31) after he assumed a fake identity on social media and arranged to meet her in a bedroom at the hotel.

The pair had dated briefly, but the relationship ended in January 2014 when Locke's jealousy became apparent and he called her a "slut" in a row after a night out when he thought she had become the focus of attention of other men.

Sonia had previously been in an abusive relationship and suddenly ended her friendship with Locke when she saw the possibility that history could repeat itself.

Locke tried to get Sonia to change her mind, but she had told him she did not want to continue a relationship with him, and Locke would not take no for an answer.

Sonia was moving on with her life, and had answered a post on social media from a man she thought was named Shane Scully.

There was an arrangement made between her and 'Scully' to meet up at the Plaza Hotel, but Sonia did not know that 'Scully' was in fact Locke.

After confronting her in the hotel and engaging in what he would later claim was consensual sex, Locke strangled and suffocated her to death, shoving her T-shirt down her throat and using the charging lead from her mobile phone and his bare hands to kill her before fleeing the hotel.

Locke later denied raping her, claiming they had consensual sex before she saw the items he had brought with him, including cable ties, a Stanley blade and masking tape.

Despite his burgeoning friendship with vile pervert Carroll, Locke now wants a cell to himself and regularly demands one from the prison authorities.

"Locke is now demanding his own cell, but at the moment he's sharing with child rapist Kevin Carroll," the source said.

"Convicts who get a life sentence end up with a single cell, but he's a long way off getting one thanks to a combin- ation of his attitude and space issues."

Drama teacher Carroll (56) was jailed last year for raping a pupil aged seven when he held her back after a class at the Offaly school on a date between 1996 and 1998.

Carroll, of Hawthorne Drive, Birr, Co Offaly, had pleaded not guilty at the Central Criminal Court to rape and anal rape at the school when the girl was aged between six and eight.

He was convicted on both counts and received a 10-year sentence when the girl came forward years after the off- ence and made a statement to gardai.

The Herald can also reveal that the sick killer now spends his days working on the prison's monthly magazine and has use of the computer room where it is compiled.

While he has access to computers it is understood he does not have internet access as computer systems accessed by prisoners operate on a closed system.

When he first arrived on the E-wing of the prison, Locke was so afraid of being attacked by fellow inmates that he avoided leaving his cell and mixing with anyone.

Prison sources said the sick killer, known as prisoner 90392, was "as quiet as a mouse" when he first arrived.

However, all that has now changed and Locke, who used a fake Facebook profile to lure mother-of-one Sonia to her death in the hotel, sees himself as a celebrity.

"He thinks he's some sort of big shot because of the coverage his murder trial received, and he's no longer a meek little mouse," said a source.

"He has also never shown any remorse since arriving on E-wing, not one shred of it, it's like he enjoys his notoriety."

The Herald previously reported that Locke, Anne Short-all's killer Roy Webster and a third killer, Jimmy Devaney, became close confidantes while each awaited trial for murder.


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