Monday 23 October 2017

'Horrible, abusive and unforgivable' - CF campaigner Orla Tinsley called a 'b**ch' by Starbucks barista

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Irish author Orla Tinsley has told how she was called a "b**ch" three times when she attempted to order a Starbucks coffee.

The Cystic Fibrosis campaigner, who is currently studying in the US, wrote a series of posts on Twitter describing how she broke down in tears after the verbal attack.

Ms Tinsley, who included the @Starbucks handle in all of her posts, went on to fume: "Verbal abuse is inexcusable."

She explained that she went to the branch, believed to be in the US, on Tuesday to get coffee for herself and her mother.

"I was feeling well enough after a post treatment nap to meet her in the park."

She went on to explain that there was confusion over her order with "the disgruntled barista" giving her the incorrect cold drink with her name written on the mug. Ms Tinsley added that her hot drink did not arrive.

Ms Tinsley went on to write: "I pointed it out and the guy who made it said I took the wrong one. I showed him my name. He mumbled and walked away.

"I asked if he could make the right drink. He got angry. He turned to his coworker and called me a bitch."

The campaigner said her eyes "pooled up in shock" and when she asked him his name he refused to tell her.

"The @starbucks barista called me bitch 2 more times standing in front of me speaking to his male coworker."

According to Ms Tinsley, two female baristas took control of the situation and "shielded" her against what had happened.

"At this point I was actually crying. One made my new drink. The other gave my money back. They said they were sorry. I asked what his name was and got it.I said I wanted to make a formal complaint."

She went on to describe how the barista who made the original comment was continuing to argue with his male colleague.

Ms Tinsley said her ordeal didn't end there: "It was a horrible, abusive and unforgivable situation to be plunged into because of one @Starbucks barista. I wheeled my oxygen out and THE SAME GUY came up behind me dragging out the garbage.

"He opened the door for himself and let it swing back and close. It's cool. I karate chopped my way out the door giant oxygen tank or no giant oxygen tank. But verbal abuse is inexcusable."

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