Tuesday 24 September 2019

Homeless couple robbed of cup full of change as they bedded down for night on street

Stephen Travers
Stephen Travers
Laura Larkin

Laura Larkin

A HOMELESS couple were robbed of their belongings, including a cup full of change, as they bedded down on a Dublin street, according to a homeless charity.

Stephen Travers, a volunteer with the Inner City Helping the Homeless (ICHH) charity, told the Herald that the couple were very distressed when he encountered them early last Tuesday morning.

While sleeping on Aaron Quay in the city centre, two men attacked the couple and stole some personal items and a cup full of change they had been collecting.

"I spotted them around 2am or 2.30am with their clothes thrown all around the place and they were in an awful state. They said the guards caught up with the two guys down the quays," he said.

Mr Travers, who works with ICHH, said that incidents such as this were common as people were spreading out and sleeping on the outskirts of the city.

"Some people find it safer to stay in the city but others say it's safer to sleep outside the city. There's nowhere that's safe, really," he said.

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