Wednesday 22 November 2017

'He's not a bad man' - Audrey Fitzpatrick 'proud' of husband David Mahon who was found guilty of killing her son Dean

Audrey Fitzpatrick and David Mahon (inset Dean Fitzpatrick)
Audrey Fitzpatrick and David Mahon (inset Dean Fitzpatrick)

Martin Grant

Audrey Fitzpatrick is "feeling proud" of her husband Dave Mahon - the man who killed her son.

Writing online she also added that he was "not a bad man".

Audrey Fitzpatrick has broken her silence after her husband David Mahon was found guilty of killing her son Dean Fitzpatrick last week.

The mother, whose teenage daughter Amy Fitzpatrick went missing in Spain in 2008, now says her killer husband is a good man.

Writing on her Facebook page yesterday, Audrey Fitzpatrick said that it was her and Dave's first wedding anniversary.

However, she took the opportunity to defend her husband and said that she was "feeling proud".

"Today was first time I put up any of Dave on this ," she wrote on her Facebook page.

"But today is a first wedding anniversary and by God he'd do anything to get out of buying a present," she wrote.


"I'm sure people are going to judge me doing this, one year today was the happiest day we both had in over 8 years...he's not a bad man and would NEVER lie, so I'll get off and let the bating begin!!!" she added.

Just last week, a jury of six men and six women found Dave Mahon was guilty of killing Dean Fitzpatrick on May 26, 2013.

The 23-year-old received a single stab wound to the stomach outside the apartment his mother Audrey shared with Mahon at Burnell Square, Northern Cross in Malahide.

David Mahon and Dean's mother Audrey Fitzpatrick were married last year, two years after his death.

The family had moved to Spain in 2004, where they had business interests. Amy went missing four years later.

The court heard that, by 2013, Dean Fitzpatrick was in a relationship and had a two-year-old child. He had mental health difficulties and had a difficult relationship with Mahon.

Although Mahon was found not guilty of Dean's murder, the court found him guilty of manslaughter.

The case has been adjourned until May 30 and Mahon has been remanded in custody.

A tired-looking Audrey appeared before court earlier this week, when she settled a €60,000 damages claim against Dublin City Council and Irish Water.

The mother alleged in the Circuit Civil Court that she had been injured when her foot went into an open shore on May 29, 2014.

Ms Fitzpatrick, described as a homemaker, whose address was given as Lorcan Drive, Santry, Dublin, alleged that as she was walking on the public footpath on Lordan Drive her left foot "suddenly and without warning" went into an open water shore causing her to fall heavily to the ground.


She claimed she injured her left knee, which she had X-rayed at Beaumont Hospital. No bone injury had been detected, apart from bruising and tenderness of the left patella area.

In her civil action, Fitzpatrick, who will celebrate her 48th birthday next Tuesday, stated that, due to a liver condition, she had been unable to take strong painkillers.

Following the fall she complained of intermittent aching in her knee and had been unable to wear high heels.

She claimed she had suffered pain, distress and discomfort which had disrupted her social, domestic and recreational life.


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