Sunday 22 April 2018

Heartfelt plea to mothers and grandmothers to help stop feud

Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin. Pic Frank Mc Grath
Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin. Pic Frank Mc Grath

Ciara Treacy

The Archbishop of Dublin has appealed for mothers and grandmothers to get involved in stopping the bloody gangland feud that has erupted in the capital.

"Violence is to be condemned whatever its roots are," Archbishop Diarmuid Martin said in the aftermath of Monday's shooting.

"Every victim is some mother's son and someone's loved one and is tragically mourned by a family.

"Is there anyone - even among their own ranks - who can speak to these cynical hearts?" he asked.

"Are there some persons of wisdom - especially mothers and grandmothers who must fear that their children will be dragged even more deeply into this spiral - who see the madness of such violence and who can appeal to whatever humanity remains in the hearts of those involved?

"The perpetrators are not idols or stars or heroes. They are criminals who threaten not just public order but democracy and the rule of law and who have no care for anything except their own criminal interests."

He added: "All of us have to remind them they are not untouchable."

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