Sunday 25 February 2018

Heartbroken parents ramp up campaign for speed signs eight months on from Jake's accident

Roseann Brennan on RTE's Prime Time tonight.
Roseann Brennan on RTE's Prime Time tonight. Newsdesk Newsdesk

Heartbroken parents who lost her son in a road accident eight months ago have called for speeding ramps to be installed in their housing estate.

Christopher and Roseann Brennan told RTE’s Prime Time how they won’t stop their campaign until they see results.

Roseann has planned to stage a four-day protest outside the Dail from Sunday, February 15 to the following Wednesday at 6.25pm - the time of day when her son Jake died.

Jake’s accident happened eight months ago today.

“I just heard the loudest bang you could ever hear in your life. I just saw my baby flying up in the air,” Roseann recalled.

The devastated mother said her injured son tried to climb into her arms moments after the accident, but she pleaded with him to lie down.

“He was like a wounded pup coming to you, that’s all I can describe it as.”

“He said ‘Mammy I don’t want to die’. He got up to be in my arms so I could rock him... I got him to lie back down and I said ‘Jakey you have to stay awake’. “

“I put my hands on his belly and that’s when I saw the little tyre marks. His top had come up.”

Jake’s father described his son as “an aul character”.

“He was always going around singing or cracking a joke,” Roseann added.

Roseann said she had been lobbying for speed ramps in her area since 2010, four years before her son’s accident.

“When you have a child, you know what love is. I love him so much, but I love my other kids the exact same, that pushes me [to campaign] so much.”

“I am absolutely going nowhere because of how much I loved Jake Brennan.”

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