Monday 18 December 2017

#HaveYour Say: Will new M50 speed limits improve traffic flow or cause motorway chaos?

Variable speed limits will be introduced on the country's busiest road to improve traffic flows and reduce congestion.
Variable speed limits will be introduced on the country's busiest road to improve traffic flows and reduce congestion.

Sasha Brady

Minister for Transport Paschal O'Donohoe has confirmed that variable speed limits are to be introduced on Dublin's M50 motorway in a bid to improve traffic flows and ease congestion.

It would mean that the upper limit would be reduced at peak times to help maintain average speeds across the length of the motorway, with less crossing between lanes and risk of collissions.

It comes amid growing concern about rising traffic on the motorway. The M50 currently caters for in excess of 350,000 vehicles a day - among the highest volumes of traffic in Europe.

Speaking on RTE's Prime Time last night, Sean O'Neill from Transport Infrastructure Ireland said that: “It slows everyone down but it guarantees us a greater distance between vehicles.

#HaveYour Say: Will the new M50 speed limits improve traffic flow?

“What happens on a busy motorway… people zig and zag out of traffic, slam on their brakes, some people aren’t paying any attention and then all of a sudden an accident happens and that’s when chaos ensues.

"So when you can regulate speed, you’re allowing the system to work better.”

Do you agree?

Will the variable speed limits improve traffic flows on the M50 or will it lead to more chaos on the motorway?

Or, do you think there's a better solution to ease gridlock on the country's busiest road?

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Eamonn O'Riordan

"It's a good idea as it is shown over and over that a smooth traffic flow gets more vehicles through the same stretch of road than the chaotic flow when the speed limit is high."

Matthew Smith

"Garda should get the lane huggers off the middle lane than the traffic will move."

Steve Treacy

"Not only works in the UK but many other countries as well. Even used on some city roads in Germany not just motorways."

Hakima Achard

"Driving lessons for some would help.. And maybe a better road system/traffic for Dublin commute."

Stephen Mason

"System Works well in the UK. So if people actually obey the lower limits then yes it will help."

Grainne O'Dwyer

"I drive up and down the M50 numerous times per day (not rush hour), both ways from Swords to Ballinteer. I'm almost never stopped in traffic. So if there's a problem, it's during rush hours only. At rush hour there are queues at the exits, mostly N3 & Naas Rd & N4 on northbound side. Maybe more exits or better traffic flow in these locations? Can't really see how changing speed would help."

John MacNamara

"Madness. Tackle bad driving behaviour first. I used to live in England, the M25 is the biggest car park in Europe. Variable speed limits will bunch up traffic even more and there will be more accidents due to driver frustration."

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