Sunday 17 November 2019

Gun pointed at teen as raiders drop till in bungled shop robbery

Laura Gilmore and Deirdre Lynch pictured in the Village Store Kildalkey Co.Meath where there was an armed robbery last night.
Pic: Justin Farrelly.
Laura Gilmore and Deirdre Lynch pictured in the Village Store Kildalkey Co.Meath where there was an armed robbery last night. Pic: Justin Farrelly.
Robin Schiller

Robin Schiller

Two bungling thugs who pointed a gun at the head of an 18-year-old during a robbery forgot the cash-filled till.

The two armed raiders attempted to hold up the Village Store in Kildalkey, Co Meath shortly before 6pm on Thursday.

A handgun, as well as an iron bar, was produced by the men during the incident, who pulled hoodies over their faces to mask their identities.

During the shocking raid, a gun was pointed at the head of an 18-year-old youth who was working in the store on work experience.

Shop worker Laura Gilmore said the gang kept the shop under surveillance for at least half an hour before eventually deciding to attempt the heist.

“They were sitting in the car for a good while before they eventually burst into the shop. The locals around here became suspicious of the car, as they hadn’t seen it around before.


“The gardai were actually on the way before the lads even entered the shop, because they thought it was odd that the car was sitting outside the store for so long,” Ms Gilmore said.

A young female shop assistant (23), who was working in the store when the thugs entered, said the raiders approached the teenager and threatened him with a firearm.

“I thought it was a joke at first, that his friends were messing with him but it became clear very quickly that it wasn’t,” she said.

“They pointed the handgun at his head and threatened him, and the other guy was holding the iron bar forcing him into the corner of the shop.

“I ran off in absolute fear, I didn’t even know where I was running, I was absolutely terrified.

“It was over within a minute, but I’m still in shock,” the young woman said.

CCTV footage shows the two thugs pulling desperately at the till, before eventually managing to rip it from the cash desk.

One of the men then leads the getaway, running ahead of his accomplice to open the store’s door, while the other hooded man struggles to carry both the cash register and the attached touch screen.

However, as one of the men attempts to open the door, it smacks into the raider carrying the stolen property.

Both the till and the touch screen went crashing to the ground, leaving the bungling thieves looking perplexed at one another.

The raiders were left in a fit of panic over their failed escape. Bizarrely, they decided to pick up the cracked touchscreen and bolted to their getaway car, leaving the cash register with thousands of euro inside behind.

“It was mad. There was a till with the money inside on the floor and they decided to take the screen with them.

“The wires from the screen were hanging out of the car when they were driving off,” Ms Gilmore said.


Shop staff were yesterday forced to use a pen and paper to conduct their business, but were relieved that both young staff members were left physically unharmed during the incident – and that the thieves failed to get away with the shop’s earnings.

“Thankfully, they didn’t physically harm either of the two employees here,” Ms Gilmore said.

“They’re both really shook up from the incident though, and they’re so young as well, I’d say it was an awful experience for the both of them.

“It was a busy day on Thursday as well, so thankfully they somehow managed to leave the money behind,” she added.

Gardai from Trim Garda Station arrived on the scene and a manhunt was launched for the suspected three-man gang.

 Local gardai intercepted a car shortly after midnight on Friday and arrested a 24-year-old man in relation to the aggravated burglary.


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