Friday 15 December 2017

Grid West 'not needed at all' says protest group chief

Wind turbines
Wind turbines
Paul Melia

Paul Melia

EDDIE Farrell from Moygownagh in Co Mayo is among hundreds of people who will be affected by the Grid West project.

Chairman of the Moy Valley Protection Group, he says the option of building the line underground will not stop opposition, because people believe the project will do nothing to boost employment in the county.

Any proposal to build Grid West should include plans for all wind farms in the county so the impact all the projects will have on the landscape, tourism and health can be properly assessed, he says.

"The Grid West line isn't needed at all," he said.

"This line is about getting wind power out, and nothing to do with bringing power in. Unless the IDA have plans to bring in heavy users of electricity, no power will be brought into Mayo.

"They're talking about digging up small country roads which is just ridiculous. None of these country roads are wide enough to accommodate it.


"We're opposed to the large wind farms, and they're talking about erecting 160 turbines. They will dominate the skyline.

"We don't need it and we don't want it. If there was 100,000 jobs coming into Mayo, or someone was planning a big industry, it would be one thing.

"The community will get absolutely no benefit, and we will continue to oppose it. This appears to be something done on the back of an envelope, with even less thought given to this than the last option."

The Moy Valley group represents about 1,000 people and he believes the numbers opposing the plans will swell.

"We will have a new series of meetings as there would be more people affected now because there's two routes.

"My parents' farm would be affected because it would go up near land they have. Further on, everyone affected property-wise is new."

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