Tuesday 20 February 2018

Graham Dwyer's 'girlfriend': 'He is a very kind human being... I would trust him with my life'

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The 'girlfriend' of murderer Graham Dwyer has said: "I would trust him with my life."

In a live interview with 4FM's 'Niall Boylan at Night' show, Victoria Andreenkova (37) told the host that she met the killer in the Midlands Prison and claimed they have kissed.

Victoria Andreenkova
Victoria Andreenkova
Graham Dwyer has shown no remorse for his crime, the judge said
Graham Dwyer
Graham Dwyer in 2013

She also claimed he has lost a "lot of weight" as he doesn't like the prison food.

Graham Dwyer pleads for ban on new girlfriend to be lifted so she can visit him

Dwyer is serving a life term for the murder of childcare worker Elaine O'Hara in the foothills of the Dublin Mountains. Elaine (36) was last seen in August 2012.

Her body was discovered in September 2013.

Architect Dwyer (42), a father-of-three from Foxrock in South Dubiln, pleaded not guilty to her murder but was found guilty following a nine week trial. He is appealing the verdict.

I thought Dwyer would walk free, says State Pathologist

Speaking on 4FM this evening, Ms Andreenkova described him as a "very, very kind human being. He has lots of talents... he's very intelligent".

She said she trusted Dwyer and feels he is being mistreated.

“I would like to spend my life with him if possible but at the moment that’s not possible,” she said.

“I don’t see him as convicted killer. He is Graham and Graham is Graham.

“I absolutely trust him. [I] I trust him with my life," she said.


Graham Dwyer
Graham Dwyer

Ms Andreenkova said he wants to "keep his sex life private.... and that should be respected".

“It’s nothing to do with manipulating people. He wants to keep his sex life private for the public and that should be respected.

She added she felt he “he is being really unfairly treated in this country” and said he was not a killer.

She said she didn’t “believe that phone (used in his trial) would be linked to him in any way.”

“It has not even been proven that he had anything to do with murdering Elaine O’Hara.

“The forensic evidence in this case cannot be used,” she added.

Throughout the interview, broadcaster Niall Boylan repeatedly told Ms Andreenkova that Dwyer was a convicted murderer and this had been proven in a court of law despite numerous protests from the woman.

Returning to their relationship, Ms Andreenkova said she met him in the Midlands Prison and recently, he has “lost a lot of weight”.

“I think he doesn’t like prison food because he lost a lot of weight,” Ms Andreenkova said. “He did lose a lot of weight and I think he is under severe stress.”

During their first meeting, she recalled: "He said I looked very beautiful.

"We had no relationship at this stage but of course we seen it as a kind of date even though it's all behind walls.

"I can [touch him].

"[But] I haven't held his hand so far.

"We did kiss," she told Boylan.

"He did [express his love] - he formally actually asked me that I be his girlfriend."

Addressing the media reports that she has been banned from visiting him, she said the reasons Graham Dwyer had been informed of were different to those in reports which stated it was because of the way she dressed. She declined to mention what the reasons were but said both herself and Dwyer were appealing the decision.

She said the pair write to each other frequently and he phones her most days.

"We have very good conversations, very lovely conversations, reacently he told me he bought me a toothbrush, a pink one, put it next to his toothbrush, I think that's very romantic. He's thinking of me," she said.

"[It's] not about sexual feelings but about love and love can manifest in many ways. Most beautiful thing is our love is mutual for each other. [We] love each other very much. We want a future together and that's what I'm aiming at.

Asked about Elaine O’Hara, she said she did not see it as a relationship and said Dwyer had been mistreated by the government and Irish media.

She concluded the interview by saying she would support Dwyer "all the way" and that he had charisma.

Before finishing the interview, Boylan told her she appeared to be a very nice woman who was being "manipulated" by the killer and urged her to rethink her relationship with Dwyer.

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