Wednesday 13 December 2017

Graham Dwyer punished after smuggling pornography movie and latest Star Wars film into prison cell

Graham Dwyer Picture: Collins
Graham Dwyer Picture: Collins

Robin Schiller and Conor Feehan

Convicted killer Graham Dwyer faced prison punishment for smuggling pornography and the latest Star Wars movie into jail, putting him at risk from other inmates after security was stepped up as a result.

Dwyer, who stabbed Dublin woman Elaine O'Hara to death in August 2012, was caught with up to five USB sticks in his cell at the Midlands Prison in late April.

The authorities found a pornographic film on one stick and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story on another.

The killer is a big Star Wars and sci-fi fan. Last year it was revealed that Dwyer was furious that he would miss Rogue One while behind bars waiting for his appeal to be heard.

Midlands Prison where Dwyer is being held
Midlands Prison where Dwyer is being held


He has appealed against his conviction, claiming the evidence against him is circumstantial.

"I will have to wait for the DVD to come out - sigh!" he wrote in a letter to a Dublin- based Anglo-Spanish student au pair who began writing to him behind bars.

Dwyer, of Kerrymount Close, Foxrock, Dublin, was convicted of murdering Ms O'Hara on August 22, 2012.

The childcare worker's skeletal remains were found on Killakee Mountain, Rathfarnham, Dublin, on September 13, 2013.

However, parts of her body were never discovered, including her skull, making it impossible to rule precisely how she had died.

The prison mugshot of Star Wars fan Dwyer (44) who was busted after a copy of Rogue One was found in his cell
The prison mugshot of Star Wars fan Dwyer (44) who was busted after a copy of Rogue One was found in his cell

There was no physical evidence from the remains that Ms O'Hara had in fact met a violent death.

Dwyer was convinced that this fact would result in his acquittal but the jury returned a guilty verdict after considering detailed circumstantial evidence, including phone records and video recordings of sado-masochistic sex.

One of the USBs found at the prison had a pornographic movie on it, which Dwyer would have been able to watch in his cell on his television which has a USB port.

The Herald is also reporting that Dwyer, who is serving life, was confronted about the devices by a senior prison official - and initially claimed that they contained only music and films.

However, sources revealed that when the official asked the 44-year-old if there might be anything inappropriate on them, he replied: "There might be."

As punishment he received a P19 notice, which means he had his privileges stopped for a period of time. This is believed to have included banning him from accessing computers.


However, while the punishments may have annoyed Dwyer, being caught with the USB sticks made other inmates angry as it put them under more pressure to hide their contraband in the wake of a heightened search regime.

This could potentially have left him more exposed to danger within the prison but Dwyer kept himself to himself, apart from coffee mornings with fellow murderer Mark Nash, the only man in the prison system serving time for two double murders.

Before being caught with the Star Wars and porno movies Dwyer was playing his bass guitar as much as possible and "reliving his college days", according to one source.

"He thinks he's 19 again with his ponytail and his bass guitar. It's like he's having a mid-life crisis," the source said.

"He's obsessed with publicity and checks the papers every day to see if he has been mentioned. He loves seeing his name and picture in print.

"He seems to enjoy the notoriety.

"Dwyer still plays cards as much as possible and runs his own table with a couple of other inmates but he has very few friends as other inmates think he looks down on them."


Yesterday, it was revealed how Dwyer and English-born Nash had become friends behind bars.

Sources said Nash sees Dwyer as an intelligent man who might be able to help him with his own bid to have two of his murder convictions overturned.

Dwyer is so convinced that he will be freed that he told anyone who would listen that he would not be in prison for Christmas 2017.

In the letters to his pen pal, he said he would offer to buy a drink for State Pathologist Dr Marie Cassidy, whose post-trial comments will form a central plank of his appeal.

Dr Cassidy said she had expected a not guilty verdict owing to the lack of pathology evidence to support the claim that Ms O'Hara had met a violent death.


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