Sunday 22 September 2019

Goats, meerkats and 100 different birds rescued from petting farm at closed pub

LSPCA remove animals from petting farm at Fitzpatrick's

Some of the animals from the petting farm being transported by the LSPCA
Some of the animals from the petting farm being transported by the LSPCA
Some of the animals from the petting farm being transported by the LSPCA

Olivia Ryan

The Louth Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (LSPCA) say they are delighted there has been a 'happy ending' for the animals rescued from a former petting farm in north Louth.

The animals had been housed in the facility at Fitzpatrick's Bar and Restaurant in Jenkinstown, which ceased trading two weeks ago. A receiver has since been appointed to the business.

The LSPCA were called in as a large number of animals and birds were still present in the 'petting farm' at the rear of the premises.

Honorary Inspector Fiona Squibb told the Argus the animals were varied, and included Shetland Ponies, donkeys, a turkey, ducks, peacocks, quail, zebra finches, budgies, java sparrows, wrens, lovebirds, diamond doves and other assorted doves and poultry.

There were also a number of exotic animals including wallabys, meerkats and chipmunks.

There were up to 100 birds of different varieties, including doves and several owls.

'There is a particular type of husbandry needed for many of these animals, something which was of great concern when we first got access to them,' said Fiona.

She added that the LSPCA discovered dead rodents within the facility, and a number of the animals 'were not being kept in conditions suitable to their breed.'

But with 'a great amount of work and support' the LSPCA have managed to remove all of the animals and birds from the facility, and are delighted that after being checked over by a vet, the animals are healthy and being cared for by a range of volunteers and foster carers.

A 'Go fund me' account was set up to assist with the rescue and care of the animals, and has raised over €6,000.

The rescue sparked a lot of online debate over the last week, which prompted a response from Fitzpatrick's, with a statement posted to their Facebook page saying 'We know people have concerns about the animals while we were in charge of Fitzpatrick's as they were looked after on a daily basis and feed and watered twice a day. We had regular checks from an animal department and they were always happy.'

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