Friday 24 May 2019

'Generations will miss it' - tributes flow in for beloved Trinity tree after collapse

Past and present pupils shared their love on social media for the campus landmark

Kyle Ewald

A well-loved tree known to be a staple of campus at Trinity College Dublin has collapsed.

The university announced today that the Oregon Maple fell to the ground this morning around 4 am.

The tree was one of two massive maples that grew in the Library Square in the centre of campus and dated back to the 1840s.

TCD shared their sympathies for the campus landmark in a tweet earlier today that read: “Generations will miss this magnificent tree.”

Although Trinity itself is not be the only one feeling the loss of the giant maple, as loads of tributes from current and past pupils flooded in after news broke of the collapse.

“Nooooooooooo! One of my earliest memories of my husband is him picking up my shoe at Trinity Ball right opposite this tree! I more or less ignored him as was giving someone else the eye, but somehow remember it 20 years on anyway!” recalled one user. “Would it be too much to ask for my degree to be printed on paper made from that fallen tree in Trinity?” wrote another.

One user recalled seeing British royalty under the iconic campus landmark: “I remember coming out of a law exam and bumping into the UK’s Prince Charles under that tree. He was visiting Trinity. Brings back memories.”

Another suggested an interesting way to keep the tree’s memory alive: “Keep the stump and make it into a dendrochronological  (tree-ring) installation of the past 200 years at Trinity!”

Others have suggested using the wood to make campus benches. Trinity representatives have confirmed that the tree has collapsed due to disease and that a clean-up operation has already begun.

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