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Gardaí probe death of Alzheimer's patient after hospital attack




Colin Keegan, Collins Dublin


Gardaí are investigating the death of an Alzheimer's patient who died two days after being attacked by another dementia sufferer in a Dublin hospital.

Great grandmother Maureen Lee (68) is understood to have suffered an attack in St Columcille's Hospital in Loughlinstown, South Dublin, on May 17.

She passed away two days later on May 19 in St Vincent's Hospital.

Gardaí last night confirmed that they are investigating the circumstances surrounding Mrs Lee's death.

It is believed that she was waiting for a bed at a nursing home when the attack occurred. Sources say Mrs Lee's alleged attacker, a male patient who was also suffering from dementia, must be tended to by more than one member of staff at all times. However, initial reports suggest that Mrs Lee was attacked when staff were attending to other duties.

The man who is alleged to have carried out the attack is believed to be still at the Dublin hospital.

A spokesperson for the hospital refused to comment on the matter saying they did not comment on individual cases.

The HSE have refused to comment on the case. However, it is believed an internal investigation is taking place. It is understood that her attacker will not face prosecution.

The Alzheimer Society of Ireland's CEO, Gerry Martin said they were very sad to hear of Mrs Lee's death adding: ""Every person with dementia has very different needs, but all people with the condition require a dementia-friendly environment and dementia- specific care in hospital."

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