Monday 23 April 2018

Gardai on alert over deadly west Dublin gang feud

David Goulding
(Pic: Courtpix.)
David Goulding (Pic: Courtpix.)

Ken Foy

Hundreds of garda man-hours are being spent keeping a lid on a bitter feud that has engulfed west Dublin.

Sources said that a dangerous dispute between former key Westies gang members could have resulted in "multiple deaths" were it not for overt and covert policing operations.

The long-running dispute between former pals Jason 'Jay' O'Connor and David 'Gully' Goulding has already claimed one life this year, with major fears that other people will be caught in the deadly crossfire.

The major policing operation is being led by officers based at Blanchardstown Garda Station and specialist garda units.


"It is a miracle that this situation is not far worse than it is. Associates of these individuals are constantly going at each other and looking to get one up on each other.

"Threats are flying around like confetti and the reality is that associates of both these individuals are heavily armed and ready for serious action," a source said.

O'Connor and Goulding linked up with the Westies mob that terrorised parts of west Dublin in the 1990s when they were teenagers.

When the Westies imploded, Goulding linked up with a Coolock-based faction of the gang, which opposed criminal brothers Andrew and Mark Glennon.

'Jay' O'Connor stayed loyal to the Glennons, and a long- running feud between Goulding and O'Connor kicked off.

Andrew (30) and Mark (32) Glennon were murdered as part of the mob warfare in 2005.

After their deaths, David Goulding became very close to the crew led by murdered gangster Michael 'Micka' Kelly, who was nicknamed 'The Panda' by the media.

O'Connor followed a different path and became the right-hand man of a veteran Clondalkin criminal who now spends most of his time in Spain.


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