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Gardaí looking into possibility missing man Trevor 'may have been pushed into river'

  • 'Foul play' probe in case of missing man
  • Hunt for mystery man spotted on CCTV
  • Gardaí believe mystery man may have key information
The former bank on Haddington Road corner where Trevor Deely (inset) was last seen on CCTV
The former bank on Haddington Road corner where Trevor Deely (inset) was last seen on CCTV

Ken Foy

Gardai are investigating whether one of Ireland's most high-profile missing persons may have been the victim of foul play.

A renewed appeal will be launched tomorrow over the disappearance of Trevor Deely (22), who was last seen walking home from a Christmas party in Dublin city centre in the early hours of December 8, 2000.

A mystery man is being sought as gardai believe he may have key information about the 16-year-old riddle of the missing IT worker from Co Kildare.

It is understood that officers are looking into the possibility that Trevor may have been pushed into the River Dodder, but this is not conclusive.

"This missing person's case could be upgraded to a suspicious death investigation," a senior source said last night.

Gardai are trying to trace a man who waited outside Trevor's workplace in the early hours of that morning after he briefly returned to his office on the night of his disappearance.

Trevor Deely
Trevor Deely

The new development, which senior sources regard as significant, came about as a result of technological advances in the examination of CCTV footage.


Last December, gardai began a "cold case review" which included reviewing the evidence, re-interviewing witnesses and looking again at CCTV footage gathered as part of the original investigation.

Some of that material - VHS footage taken from outside Bank of Ireland Asset Management on the night Trevor disappeared - was recently sent to the UK to be enhanced.

It shows a man standing outside the bank's office in the early hours of the morning in question.

Trevor arrived at the office after finishing his night at Buck Whaley's club on Lower Leeson Street just before 3.30am.

He is seen speaking briefly to the man before he goes into the building.

Trevor worked in the bank's IT department and, when he arrived at the office, he was "drowned wet", said his colleague Karl Pender, who was working overnight.

Trevor chatted with Karl, briefly logged on to his computer, then the pair went for a coffee in the office canteen and chatted about the night's Christmas party.

Gardai are now aware that a man was standing in the doorway of the office, possibly sheltering from the heavy rain, as Trevor walked in.

Missing person, Trevor Deely's father, Michael and brother, Mark after throwing a rose into the pond at Missing Persons Day 2016 at farmleigh House this afternoon
Missing person, Trevor Deely's father, Michael and brother, Mark after throwing a rose into the pond at Missing Persons Day 2016 at farmleigh House this afternoon

The man is seen waiting outside for a short time before crossing the road.

When Trevor leaves the building after 4am, he is carrying an umbrella. The footage then shows a man - who gardai believe is the same man from earlier - following him.

Gardai are keen to speak to this man and hope to identify him after an image of him is released to the public tomorrow.

The last image of Trevor shows him walking down Haddington Road under the umbrella he picked up from the office on what was a very stormy night.

The young bank worker had been in great form that night, according to his colleagues.

He rang a friend and left a message saying he had had a great night and would talk to him later. He has never been seen or heard from since.

CCTV footage of the man gardaí are seeking
CCTV footage of the man gardaí are seeking

It is understood that Trevor was not suffering from depression and was considered to be a "stable, sensible young man", according to sources.

Last December, on the 16th anniversary of his disappearance, Trevor's dad Michael Deely told the Herald that he had "renewed hope" of a breakthrough in the case after learning that the vital CCTV footage had been sent to Britain for analysis.

The film captures his son's last known movements before he disappeared.

Michael has spoken before about the pain of Trevor's loss and how he still believes his son is alive.


Michael and his wife Ann attended the fourth national Missing Persons Day at Farmleigh last year.

The couple, who have three other children and nine grandchildren, said at the time that the anniversary would be more bearable last year after the Serious Crime Review Team was brought in to re-investigate the case.

Michael and his brother Mark threw a rose into the pond in Trevor's memory at last year's event in the Phoenix Park.

Details of a new reward are expected to be announced at a Crimestoppers press conference tomorrow, which will be attended by members of Trevor's family.

Speaking in December 2015, Michael said: "We feel that Trevor is alive and that will only change if it's proved otherwise.

"Our belief that Trevor is still alive is the only thing that keeps us going."

Michael, a devout Catholic, said the pain of not knowing where his son's remains are was as acute as the first day he disappeared.

"I think about it constantly and it keeps me awake at night," he said.

"It doesn't get any easier. My faith is important to me and that has given me the strength to carry on.

"I would hope more resources could be given to the gardai to help them solve missing persons cases."

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