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Gangland boss 'Red Balls' linked to bomb attack on home of innocent woman


A farmer has been killed and his brother injured in a bull attack, Gardai said

A farmer has been killed and his brother injured in a bull attack, Gardai said

A farmer has been killed and his brother injured in a bull attack, Gardai said

Junior associates of a drugs boss nicknamed 'Red Balls' are suspected of being involved in a bomb attack in north Dublin.

An innocent woman in her 50s is understood to have been in a property when a device exploded outside the house, but she was uninjured in the attack.

Sources have revealed that associates of convicted drug dealer 'Red Balls' have been on the "warpath" in recent weeks.

"They have been seeking to recover money owed by a young man who doesn't even live at the property that was targeted.

"The pipe bomb could have easily maimed someone or worse.

"The incident has caused a lot of fear in the locality," a source told the Herald.

"The poor woman who lives in that house has nothing to do with crime."

'Red Balls' is believed to be involved in a major drug dealing operation in north Dublin.

He works for a young associate of slain criminal John 'BJ' Clarke, a drug dealer who was shot dead in a gangland hit in Artane on May 7, 2009.

It has emerged that 'Red Balls' operations have continued to expand even after he served a lengthy jail sentence for being arrested with over €1m worth of cocaine and heroin almost a decade ago.

His associate spends most of his time based between Liverpool and the capital and their drug-dealing operations are considered "very significant".

The 25-year-old trafficker who is associated with 'Red Balls' was the target of a number of murder attempts after he became involved in deadly feuds with the 'Mr Big' crime gang and Traveller criminals a number of years ago.

"If anything, his stretch in prison made 'Red Balls' a more significant dealer and he is now involved in collecting debts and is not just considered a rip-off merchant like he once was," a source said.

"There is no evidence that he had anything directly to do with the bomb attack on Sunday night, but his younger associates are being looked at because that gang had been chasing down a fella for a debt."

The improvised device was placed in a flower pot near the front door of the house on Newbury Park, Coolock, and exploded at 10pm.

Gardai were alerted immediately and they notified the Army Bomb Disposal Unit which arrived at 11.40pm to carry out a post-blast analysis on the remains of the device.

They declared the scene safe at 12.50am after a number of people were evacuated from their homes.

A double-glazed panel in the front door of the house shattered when the device exploded.

Coolock gardai are investigating, but no arrests have been made.