Tuesday 21 May 2019

Fundraiser set up to transform the way that Howth Harbour is kept clean

Howth, Co Dublin
Howth, Co Dublin

Mícheál ÓScannáil

A fundraiser by Howth local Rowan Byrne is making a splash as he seeks to revolutionise the way the harbour is kept clean.

Byrne is trying to raise over €5,000 to bring two of Ireland’s first Seabins to Howth in an effort to reduce the impact of plastics in the ocean and to keep the harbour clean.

The Seabins, which would add to the two already installed in Dun Laoghaire last year, are a mechanical floating debris collector, which uses a pump to create a suction into which floating pieces of debris and plastic flow.

The bins are semi-permanent fixtures with a removable collection bag and despite obvious concerns, the Seabin company said that after four years of testing there were no examples of fish caught in the floating interception device.

Mr Byrne, who has raised almost €400 of his target on his Crowdfunding page said that having lived in the north Dublin town for his entire life, the increase in plastics in the harbour is noticeable.

“I grew up in Howth all my life. I used to go there nearly every day to watch the seals, birds and fishing boats come in and deliver their catch. It’s a magical place where you can walk the pier and walkways and observe Irelands Eye, and Lambay in the distance,” he said.

“It gets its fair share of visiting tourists each year and more and more people are discovering its beauty. Sadly this means more and more plastics, nano, micro and macro plastics are seen floating on the waters surface in the harbour.

“These plastics take decades to degrade and eventually fragment causing more and more harm in the waters in Howth and our oceans. I am funding for two Seabins as part of the award winning The Seabin Project.”

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