Sunday 25 February 2018

'For her there should be no second chance' - Hitman-for-hire slams Sharon 'Lying Eyes' Collins

Sharon Collins, inset, Essam Eid
Sharon Collins, inset, Essam Eid newsdesk

'HItman-for-hire' Essam Eid has criticised Sharon ‘Lying Eyes’ Collins saying she “doesn’t deserve a second chance”.

The former Las Vegas poker dealer has returned to his native Egypt where he has taken up a new job - as a cattle farmer.

Speaking to the Sunday World Eid said he couldn’t believe Collins wanted a second chance.

“Second chances are for people who admit what they have done,” he said. “Sharon never admitted what she did, so for her there should be no second chance. I admitted what I did, so yes I deserve a second chance.”

Essam Eid
Essam Eid

Collins, from Ennis in Co Clare, was sentenced to six years in 2008 for soliciting Eid to kill her partner PJ Howard and his two sons.

She was released from prison in 2012 after serving over four years of her sentence and is currently writing two books about her life.

Collins denied having ordered the triple hits through a 'hitmanforhire' website.

But Eid said he will never forgive Collins for her role in his downfall: “I am still hurt over what happened to me in Ireland, but I am in Egypt now.

“I am back with my family and my wife and when I wake up I have 15 acres of farm to take care of.

“I lived in America for 32 years, but after I had a car accident last year and no-one visited me in the hospital I realised that I needed to leave.I can say I am now truly happy.”

Collins contacted Eid via his ‘Hitmen For Hire’ website, choosing as her pseudonym the title of the Eagles hit Lying Eyes – a song about a woman who chooses money over love.

She proposed that Eid arrange for Mr Howard’s sons to have a fatal accident and then kill the father, in what would be designed to look like a grief-stricken suicide.

Sharon Collins at her trial
Sharon Collins at her trial

Collins paid €15,000 as a deposit for the contract, but the plot blew up in her face in September 2006 when Eid decided to blackmail the family – demanding €150,000 to cancel the assassination.

Robert Howard alerted police and Eid was caught in a surveillance operation which led to Collins. After his release from prison in Ireland in 2011, Eid was returned to the US, where he was given a 33-month prison sentence for his part in an almost identical scam.

In the American case Eid was convicted of extortion. He told the Sunday World: “I admitted everything that I did, I am not a liar.”

He continued: “But Sharon, she has admitted nothing, but wants people to feel sorry for her. I do not feel sorry for her.

“One day I might go back to Ireland, there is something in my head I have to do there, but I do not want to put it in the paper.

“She knows what she did and she knows she didn’t tell the truth. She has never faced up to her actions.

“I don’t know what kind of person that makes her – I would call her a money lover who deserves what she gets and didn’t get what she deserved.”

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