Monday 10 December 2018

'Five hundred damp, self regarding e*jits ' - Horslips hit out after song was used at Irexit event

Kathy Armstrong

Kathy Armstrong

Irish rockers Horslips have criticised an Irexit group who used their hit song Dearg Doom at an event at the weekend, branding them "saddos."

The band said they are looking into whether the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD) Group - the Nigel Farage-led organisation behind the event - breached their copyright.

They said in a statement on the Horslips Facebook page that they aren't happy that Dearg Doom was played at the Eurosceptic meeting, which took place at Dublin's RDS on Saturday.

The Dublin band said: "Some of you may have spotted that the saddos in the Eirexit conference had the f*ckin' temerity to use Dearg Doom as a soundtrack and to show the image of the album cover on the big screen.

"Needless to say, they didn't ask us.

"If they had, we'd have pointed out that we wouldn't p*ss on them if they were on fire - which they're unlikely to be, anytime soon.

"Five hundred damp, self regarding e*jits being patronised by the Crazy Frog lookalike Nigel Farage isn't going to set the heather blazing in the near future."

Trad musicians Horslips stressed that they did not want to be associated with the EFDD Group and claimed they stand for very different things.

"Horslips stood for a hopeful, outward looking, inclusive vision of Ireland with plenty of drink and a Blue Range Rover.

"This lot stand for a diminished, fearful, xenophobic state. Little Irelanders.

"Checking out whether we can do them for copyright infringement," they said.

The EFDD Group has hit back at the statement, claiming that Horslips should be grateful they used their music.

Spokesman Hermann Kelly said they brought the band's songs to a new audience.

"Like most glam rock bands, Horslips music is great, and their views on politics are crap.

"I met the band in Drogheda about 12 years ago, as a friend of mine was organising an exhibition of their memorabilia.

"They should be damn thankful we played their music, few other people listen to it now," he said.

EUROSCEPTIC: Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage speaking at the Irexit, Free to Prosper conference in RDS. Photo: Frank McGrath
EUROSCEPTIC: Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage speaking at the Irexit, Free to Prosper conference in RDS. Photo: Frank McGrath

He also outlined what the EFDD Group and their supporters are in favour of.

Mr Kelly said: "The 600 Irexit supporters and young people turned up because they believe in a self-governing Republic where the Irish people make their own laws rather than having them imposed by unelected Brussels bureaucrats.

"Campaigning for an Irish state open to world trade, making its own laws, controlling its own justice system, securing its borders for the good of the people, taking back control of the wealth of its fisheries and working in the interests of its people, is not right wing or left wing, its simply striking again for our freedom and democracy."

He also branded Horslips "out of touch" as he called for them to "stop acting as a warm-up act for a single EU Super-state."

Mr Kelly said in a statement on the EFDD Group's Facebook page: "Horslips political views are as out of touch as their 1970’s flop hairstyles.

"Are they really in favour of an expansionist, militarising single EU state where Irish interests are brushed aside in favour of Germany’s political will and global corporations?

"Are the band really celebrating that the EU lumbered every person in Ireland with 9000 euro Franco-German bank debt? I doubt it!

"So get your act together, stand up for the Irish Republic, its people, its parliament and its culture, and stop acting as a warm-up act for a single EU Super-state, which dictates the majority of our laws and bleeds us dry with the increasing contributions we have to fork out for.

"Start being proud Irishmen rather that European Unionists. Ireland should be a nation once again, and not an EU province."

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